Nutrition Tips For Healthy Living


Nutrition is simply mandatory for healthy living. You cannot just work out, rest and expect everything to go great. What you eat will have the highest influence in how you live. If you truly want healthy living, you need to be aware of the following vital nutrition trips.

Drink Enough Water

Drink water glassNo matter how old or young you are, it is very important that you drink as much water as your body needs. Studies show that over 70% of US citizens are dehydrated. Remember that you can just stay 3 days without drinking water. After that you die. This is how important water is. Chronic dehydration practically means that you are on your way towards death. This does sound scary and a little exaggerated but you need to remember that you need water to be healthy.

While most people think that they can only drink specific water sources, the truth is you already have the water you need coming from the faucet. Just contact a plumber like Fix It Right Plumbing in order to check water quality. If it is not good, you can just install filters. After that you get all the water your body needs, for free.

Eat 6 Meals Every Single Day

This might sound like a lot but it is very good for both muscle building and your metabolism. Everything that you do will consume energy and it is calories coming from your food that offer that energy. How efficient the body is to burn calories is dictated by your metabolism. When you just eat one meal per day or 3 like most people, there are huge gaps that happen when the body does not work. This lowers your metabolism. When you eat 6 meals daily the metabolism is increased and everything inside your body becomes more efficient.

Stop Counting Calories

Let's check how many calories we burnedNutrition has one very important task: fueling the body. If you are caught in the idea that you have to eat a specific number of calories it is so easy to end up making mistakes. It is always much more important to be careful with what you eat as opposed to how many calories you put into your body.

Let’s think about a simple example: fruit snacks bag and one apple. We have the same calories but with the bag of fruit snacks you most likely have many that are just empty. The quality that you get from the apple is simply a lot better.

Protein Is Really Good

There is a dangerous trend going on at the moment saying that protein is dangerous. This is not actually the case. In reality, everything is bad for your body when you consume too much. The exact same thing can be said about protein and carbohydrates. The body does need protein in order to perform many daily tasks. This includes helping you lose weight and building muscle mass.

If there is one macronutrient that you want to be sure you get enough in your daily nutrition, it has to be protein. It is simply needed for way too much for it to be dismissed.

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