New treatments for Glaucoma patients might help in preventing visual loss

Glaucoma patient

Eyes are the doors to a person’s soul and give us the ability to see the beauty of the world. Those who do not have them understand how important they are. However, those who have them, choose to ignore the care that is needed to protect them.  Today with our high tech lifestyle, we are more prone to various eye conditions that can have disastrous results. Even problems like itchy eyes are natural due to the pollution and strain on our eyes. This is why you should ensure that you get your itchy eyes treated on timeWhen you overlook minor eye problems or conditions, you are actually opening doors for them to turn into major conditions. One such condition that is a threat to our vision is Glaucoma.

Scientists are trying to find ways and treatment for nerve regeneration

Glaucoma patient

Glaucoma, a condition that slowly destroys the visual ability, has become one of the biggest concerns today. Studies have found that more and more people are developing this problem. Presently, the situation is that the central nervous system of the human body does not have the ability to treat the damaged or affected nerve cells. No doubt, there are medicines to control the pressure on the eyes. However, at present, the Scientists are researching to see if they can reverse the ultimate effect on visual loss. This is why; they are presently studying on the ways and treatments for the regeneration of the affected nerve.

They are investing a lot of time, dedication and efforts so that they can come up with treatments that provide the necessary assistance and boost to the central nervous system so that the damaged nerves of the eyes are fixed. Although this breakthrough may not happen sometime soon, but scientists do believe that, they might find such a solution in the near future.

Scientists are also working hard to come up with various treatments that might help in improving or reducing the impact of this condition on the patients’ visibility. They are also finding ways to help restore the nerve coating called myelin. This coating helps the speed and conduct of the nerve impacts.

Presently, the one breakthrough that they found was by adding a channel blocker with the help of potassium to strengthen the signals of the nerves. Apart from that, a few treatments have shown some good results but they still have a long way to go to prove their effectiveness and to overcome their drawbacks.

Let us look at some of the present treatments available for such patients

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You do have healthy foods for your eyes, which help to improve your eyes; however, with Glaucoma patients, the medicines and food combined together can give better results. Apart from that, there are certain treatments that are available for patients who have developed Glaucoma, let us look at two such treatments.

Laser surgery for Glaucoma patients


One of the major factors that cause Glaucoma is the damage to the nerves. Currently eye laser treatments such as Laser Trabeculoplasty help in reducing the pressure on the eyes. However, if you opt for such laser surgery, you need to ensure that you take proper measure and care post laser surgery as well as ensure that you follow up with your doctor regularly. Apart from that, you also have the medicines that can reduce the progression of further damage to the eyes.

Medical Marijuana in the market for Glaucoma patients

benefits out of marijuana

Medical Marijuana is one of the latest methods that helps patients with Glaucoma. As per various studies and research done on this front, smoking marijuana or using medical marijuana eye drops does in fact help to reduce the pressure on the eyes. However, there are a few major drawbacks of this treatment. First is that not everybody can handle it. The second factor that puts this treatment into the not effective list is that the effects of medical marijuana are short term.

This means that it only lasts for around 3-4 hours, after that, the patient would need to take another joint to help them. Thirdly, the chemical components in marijuana pose a threat to the lungs and can cause potential damage to the lungs as well as the brain. This is why; many doctors do not recommend this treatment and prefer patients to stick to the traditional methods and medicines for treating Glaucoma.

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