Causes and treatment for itchy eyes

The uncomfortable condition of itchy eyes

Itchy eyes are a common problem which affects many people across the world. This condition can be quite uncomfortable and can cause a lot of trouble and discomfort to the affected person. There are many factors like allergies and certain medical conditions that can lead to the formation of itchy eyes. In case you suffer from itchy eyes, then it is very much necessary that you avail proper treatment. In the absence of timely care, the condition can flare up and can even pave way to the development of serious conditions. Read on to know more above the many causes of itchy eyes and the various treatments that can be adopted to combat the condition:

Causes of itchy eyes

1. Allergies

Allergic reactions can be considered to be the main cause behind the formation of itchy eyes. Allergens like pollen, pet hair, mold, cosmetics and chemicals can lead to development of an itching sensation in the eyes. The condition can also be caused due to food allergies and insect bites.

Due to the action of the allergens, the conjunctiva of the eyes get inflamed, which in turn leads to the development of an itching sensation in the eyes. Along with itching, one will also experience other symptoms like formation of hives on the upper body, swelling of the face, an itchy sensation of the lips and a runny nose. If the condition is severe, then the person will also experience difficulties in breathing and he may even faint.

2. Dry Eyes

Dry eyes or Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca is a medical condition that leads to the development of itchy eyes. Low tear production which usually accompanies old age can cause the eyes to become dry. Deficiency of Vitamin A and skin conditions like rosacea can lead to the change in tear composition, thereby leading to the development of dry eyes. Dry eyes can also be caused due to excessive exposure to dust, wind and air pollution.

Along with making the eyes itchy, excessive drying of eyes can also bring along with it many other discomforts like blurred vision, an increased sensitivity to light and formation of red eyes.

3. Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is another medical condition that can lead to the formation of itchy eyes. Caused due to the inflammation of the conjunctiva, this condition can be brought about by viral and bacterial infections and also due to allergic reactions.

Apart from causing an itching sensation in the eyes, the condition of conjunctivitis will also make the eyes turn red and watery. This may be also accompanied by other symptoms like blurred vision and increased sensitivity to light.

4. Eyelid disorders

Eyelid disorders like blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid) and eyelid carcinoma can lead to the formation of itchy eyes. The condition can also be caused due to the presence of an ingrown eyelash which can irritate the eye. Non complete closure of eyelids caused due to factors like anatomical abnormalities and eyelid surgeries, can also lead to eye irritation and itchiness.

5. Common medical conditions

Apart from the above said factors, certain other very common medical conditions like flu, sinusitis and fever can also make the eyes turn itchy. This can be attributed to factors like increased tearing or conjunctivitis, which usually accompany the diseases.

6. Foreign bodies

When certain foreign bodies like a fly or a small object comes into direct contact with the eyes, then the eyes can turn itchy and watery.

7. Action of aggressive gases and fluids

Contact of the eyes with certain strong acting chemicals, in the form of fluids and gases, can lead to the formation of itchy eyes.

8. Non washed eyes

Failure to wash your eyes in the morning, will lead to the deposition of fat in the inner corner of the eyes and can thereby cause them to become itchy. Rubbing of eyes can also lead to the deposition of swear in the eyes, thereby causing them to become itchy.

Treatment for itchy eyes

The first step in the treatment of itchy eyes, lies in the proper diagnosis of the causative agent behind the condition.

1. If the condition of dry eyes is caused as a result of allergic reactions, then antihistamines in the form of oral medications, nasal- corticoid sprays and eye drops can be used to treat the condition.

2. If itchy eyes are caused due to the excessive drying of the cornea, then restasis eye drops which can bring about an increase in tear production should be used.

3. If itchy eyes are caused due to conjunctivitis, then antibiotics are prescribed to tackle the microorganism that is behind the eye infection.

4. If the cause of itchy eyes are found to be certain eyelid disorders, then your physician might go for some minor corrective surgeries.

5. Alongwith following the above said treatments, one should also take sufficient care to svoid coming into contact with the allergens that lead to the develpment of itchy eyes. Wearing sunglasses or special airlock seal eyeglasses will also help the purpose.

6. Clean your eyes properly, avoid rubbing them unnecessarily and do avoid staring continuously for long hours at your computer.

7. Having a diet which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids will help in improving your eye health thereby combating the issue of itchy eyes.

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