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N benefits of total body workouts

by Dr Prem Community Writer

Total body workouts are great for working all of your muscles at once. During these types of workouts, there isn’t a specific focus on any one muscle group, but instead you’re performing movements and exercises that target all areas.  

Building strong muscles help to boost our overall health and make us look and feel younger regardless of our age. Here we will discuss the benefits of total body workouts and the different types of workouts available.

Saves Time


We’re always looking for workouts that are quick and effective. Total body workouts achieve both of these things. Not only do they save on time because you’re working all of the muscles at once but you’ll achieve optimum results as well. For those who enjoy focusing on one muscle group at a time, they plan a leg day, cardio day, arms, and abs throughout the week.

But if you’re looking to only exercise three-days a week due to time constraints, total body workouts ensure that you cover all your basis when it comes to building the various muscle groups, while also incorporating cardio.

Faster Muscle Recovery

You know that “hurts so good” feeling you have following intense workouts in the gym? Where it’s difficult to lift your arms in the shower or sit down because your muscles are so sore? Even though this is a representation of how hard you’ve worked, total body workouts actually offer quicker muscle recovery, which means less days of immobility due to muscle soreness.

The main reason for this is that when completing full body workouts, you often have one day of rest in between. This provides your body and muscles ample time to recover. A lot of people will end up skipping workouts due to soreness from the previous day. If you want to remain consistent with your exercise routine, using total body workouts can help you achieve this. This will help you to avail the all benefits of total body workouts.

Increased Testosterone

GNC Testosterone

This benefit isn’t just for men. Increased testosterone means the ability to build more lean muscle at a faster pace. This holds true for both men and women. Testosterone helps your body build muscle-mass tissue and is released naturally during workouts. The more muscle fibers you work, the most testosterone is released. Total body workouts release the most about of muscle fibers because you’re working multiple muscles at a time. This means a natural increase in testosterone and better lean muscle results. Compound exercises also achieve this and most full body workouts use compound movements.

Keeps Your Muscles Guessing

You’ve probably heard of the phrase “hitting a plateau” when it comes to diet and exercise. A plateau is when your body seems to stall at its current state of weight loss or muscle growth. This can happen for a variety of reasons including small hiccups in your diet or exercise regime, the fact that your body has hit a healthy, happy weight and fitness level or that you need to switch up your workouts. Like any behavior, if you repeat the same movements and actions over and over again, your body will become accustomed to them and change will come to a halt.

The benefits of total body workouts helps keep our muscles guessing because you never spend too much time working the same muscle the exact same way. Another benefit of total body workouts is that you can use the same movements and exercises in a variety of different orders and patterns, which is just as good as incorporating completely new movements into your routine. . Such workouts help to tone the overall body

Less Stress on the Nervous System

nervous system

Any time you exercise, you are working your central nervous system (CNS). Regardless of the movement or the amount of weight you’re using, the CNS is stimulated during exercise. But like anything else in the human body, your CNS can get tired. And the more you work this system each day, the more fatigued it will become.

This results in an ability to lift efficiently and safely. Because of the nature of total body workouts, rest days are built in and these rest days are what your body and CNS need to recover. If you find that you’re body and muscles are fatigued during every single workout, it’s a sure sign that incorporating more full body workouts into your regime is a good idea.

Less Equipment Needed

Do you enjoy working out at home? Or only want to use a few pieces of equipment while visiting the gym? Then total body workouts will fit perfectly into your lifestyle. All you really need is a quality set of dumbbells.

Dumbbells are a versatile piece of workout equipment that is used to work the legs, arms, and glutes. You can perform bicep curls, lateral raises, and bent over rows to work your arms, back, and shoulders. Lunges and deadlifts are great for your legs and glutes. If you want to work those abdominal muscles try some basic bicycle crunches, plank holds or weighted Russian twist.

For cardio, you don’t need to own a treadmill. Jumping jacks, jumping rope, standing mountain climbers, and high knees are all great forms of cardiovascular exercise that don’t require equipment.

Increased Fat Loss


People exercise to maintain overall health but they also do it in order to lose weight. If you’re looking to switch up your exercise routine in the hopes of losing weight, total body exercises can help you achieve this. Why? Most people pair exercise with dieting in the hopes of achieving fat loss. Though effective, the problem is that the less calories you take in, the more slowly your body and muscles are to recover. Total body workouts are designed to work each muscle in the body only a couple of times a week, which places less demand on your body for recovery and less need for increased caloric intake. It’s tricky to balance muscle mass loss and fat loss when weight lifting, but full body workouts create a happy median.

Variety is the Spice of Life

This holds true for your workout routine too. It’s important to work all the muscles in your body, equally. If you’re short on time and equipment and are looking to shed fat and gain muscle, total body workouts are a great option. They also help to ward off boredom. Get creative and mix-up some of your favorite movements to create a customized total body workout. By strategizing your workout routine, you can achieve your goal easily.

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