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Maintaining Health Motivation – How to Make Exercising Easy

by DrPrem Jagyasi

When you start out on your new healthy way of life, it can all seem so straightforward but keeping up that motivation for exercise is difficult. Below you can find some motivation tips to keep you healthy and on the right track. These all won’t work for everyone but when you discover what does, becoming fit will be something you can stick with for the rest of your life.

Understand WHY you are doing it

If you are just exercising in order to look good in a bikini or a certain outfit, then it’s probably not going to be something you can keep up in the long term. Having a nice body is obviously a bonus but you should be changing your lifestyle in order to be healthier from the inside out. Having longer goals in mind like completing a marathon or fitting into a certain BMI category is more likely to give you the permanent push you need.

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Get workout clothes

Having a fashionable outfit or two that is especially designed for exercise can be really motivating. Putting on a pair of old tracksuit bottoms and a dull shirt is not really encouraging. Spending some money on clothes and shoes that will make you want to exercise is definitely worth the investment when you consider your end goal.

Use apps to log your workouts

There will be an app out there for you – no matter what kind of exercise you enjoy doing. Using an app will help you see your progress, which will make you want to continuously improve. Some of the top workout apps at the moment that are worth checking out include ‘Strong’ and ‘Workit’.

Make sure you are eating correctly

If you have a solid workout plan in place but are still eating junk, your body and mind will rebel. Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and especially protein is going to work in your favour. These foods will give you the right kinds of energy you need for exercise and will also hugely elevate your results.

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Change things up

There are so many different types of exercises out there and you likely have a favourite. Even if you do have something you particularly enjoy doing, you should still change things up from time to time so you do not get bored. From swimming, dancing, HIIT, running, weight training and a whole lot more. Even something unique like indoor rock climbing will be a good choice. Stay motivated by working different parts of your body doing different activities.

Don’t do too much

If you started at a couch potato and have now put a gruelling routine in place, this likely won’t work. You should increase your exercise at a rate that is manageable for you. You might want to start by just doing 2 or 3, thirty minute workouts a week. You can increase this number as you find your endurance and motivation improving.

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Take measurements

When you exercise regularly, you can’t rely on the number on the scale too much. Take measurements of your body and consider how your clothes are fitting in order to track your progress in an accurate way.

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