Losing Weight the Right Way for Your Wedding

Losing Weight

If there is one thing I know about then that is weddings. With three sisters and a bunch of friends and nieces, I could write a book on weddings. But when it came time for my own wedding, I realized there are things I took for granted.


I have seen many beautiful brides. They had their own styles and tastes in gowns, but they looked perfect. That was because their gowns fit them perfectly. I have seen my share of brides, who found their Azazie white wedding dresses months in advance and loved them so much that (against advice) they had the alterations done. The result was a dress that fit them perfectly 10 months before the wedding. But, as the wedding grew closer, the eating on the go, not getting exercise, rehearsal dinners, showers, parties, and bar nights with the girls took their toll.

In some women, 5 pounds makes little difference. If the woman is tall she can add 5 pounds and not affect her dress size. But a shorter woman can gain 5 pounds and that is a whole dress size.  If they managed to fit into the size too small gown, they probably looked as uncomfortable as they felt.

Butt-Back & Boobs

Butt-Back & Boobs

These were the issues I faced with my 5 pound gain. I could zip the dress but the skin above the top of the dress forms what looked like butt cheeks. I thought I could still pull it off if I wore the veil. But that wasn’t the case. The dress no longer fit my bust properly, so I did not have the support a proper fitting gown would provide. In other words, I jiggled when I walked. I was continually pulling at the top of the dress because I was afraid I would pop out of it. With no time or money for another gown, I had a short period of time to drop those pounds.


I knew the events before the wedding was going to be stressful and I knew I did not want to look flushed or tired at my wedding. I did not want to starve myself, but I had an urgency to get these pounds off. I remembered a co-worker who had lost weight and maintained her energy and health after the birth of her child. She told me about natural green tree extract. I did some research on the company and I was sold. It is all natural and works without hunger, nervousness, and other side-effects.  One study said drinking 2.5 cups of green tea per day will trim 100 calories from your body in 24 hours. When you combine that with lower caloric intake and burn calories through work out, the pounds will come off quickly.

This is a healthy way to get into the dream gown. Remember, eat healthy while you are preparing for the wedding and hold off to the last moment to have your final dress fitting. It doesn’t matter what size the dress is, as long as it fits you properly, it will be lovely.

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