Live a healthy life by learning to let go negativity


One of the main reasons why many people today are not happy is because they do not learn to let go of things. We try to adopt various ways and methods to make ourselves happy, what we do not realize is, that none of these methods can be effective if we hold on to baggage in our minds and hearts.

It is easy to speak but difficult to practice

Letting go

As much as it is easy to say, it is very difficult to gain control over the pain and the hurt that you feel inside. However, let us look at things in a different aspect. By holding on to negative emotions, is it really helping you out? By asking yourself this very simple question, you will get to understand why is it important to let things go. Here are a few ways that can help you in learning how to let go of things and to look at the brighter side of life. A real life example on this front is.

If you go to the market, you will spend $50 on a Hawaiian salad, however, if you learn what the ingredients are as well as understand how the salad is made; the same thing can be done within your house for a lot less. Not only do you get the benefit of eating more, but you also end up saving your money.

In this case, speaking about letting go is just like getting a readymade salad; however, practicing the art is about making the salad at home. When you practice letting go off things, it not only becomes easy for you to make over time, but, you also get the benefit of eating something healthy that is good for your body.

Forgive but learn your lesson well


Forgiveness is one of the best ways to prevent yourself from holding on to unnecessary baggage. When you learn to forgive people or even yourself in fact, you actually help to heal your own wounds. If you keep in mind the lesson that you have learnt from the entire experience, then it helps you not to repeat the mistake that you have made.  A perfect example on this front would be as follows.

If you fall in a pit of sinking sand, you have two ways of tackling the situation. Either you can go down or you can use your head and find out a way to come out of it. The minute you come out of the sinking sand, you learn how to tackle the situation if you come across it once again. However, you also learn how to be careful and you’ll place your eyes on the ground in future. Similarly, forgiveness is the approach that you can use to come out of sinking sand. The lesson you learn is understanding how you fell in it in the first place.

Change the way you think and see the difference


The art of letting go becomes very easy when you change the way you think. Our mind is an ocean of emotions, thoughts, feelings etc. Each drop of negativity will only pull you down, while positivity will lift you up. Just by making a small change in the way you think, you clear your head from unnecessary thoughts. This helps you in dealing with situations in an effective manner.  The easiest way to understand this would be in a simple example.

Negativity is like pollution. When the water is contaminated, not only does it endanger the lives in the water, but it also destroys the beauty of the sea. Similarly, the minute you start cleaning up the ocean, you will find that the various life forms grow and increase and the beauty is restored. The same thing is applicable with your thinking.

As long as you hold on to all the negative thoughts, you are polluting your mind. But the minute you start cleaning it up, you will find that your ability to think and accept things becomes very different. Just by changing the way you look at things on its own makes it so beautiful and easy for you to live your life in the most effective and efficient manner. The efforts you put in to clean up the pollution in your head is what makes you more strong, efficient and confident to deal with the different challenges that come your way.

Save yourself the trouble of wasting precious time


Time is the one treasure that all of us have, but only a few of us really use it. This is something that cannot be bought or returned. By holding on to things and dwelling in the past, you are wasting the perfect opportunity to live life. Each second wasted on something negative is lost. It is something that can never be replaced. This is why, it is important for you to understand the meaning of letting go and living your life in a healthy manner.

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