With the dial vision glasses, you do not have to worry about new ones

dial vision glasses

Regular eye checkups not only ensure that your eyes are fine, but also help to take care of eye problems and concerns before they worsen. If you have glasses, you know how important it is to go for an eye check up regularly as well as making changes to your prescription glasses when needed. As much as this is important for your eye health, it is also expensive since you have to keep on changing the glasses whenever there is a change in your prescription.

Now there is a new revolutionary pair of glasses, which not only looks good when you wear, but also saves you a lot of money. It goes by different names like The Dial Vision Glasses, Adlens Adjustables or even adjustable focus eyewear. These glasses are proving to be helpful to many people. Although these glasses hit the markets in 2011, but they are now gaining popularity with more eye glasses manufacturing companies coming into the picture for the production of more glasses of this kind.

What make these glasses so different from the rest?

dial vision glasses

It is natural to have this question popping in your mind. Well, the reason why these glasses are so different, is that they are adjustable. That is correct; the way these glasses are designed makes it easier for you to look at things without having to make repeated changes to your prescription. These glasses have a special feature where you can adjust them until you can see things clearly. These sorts of glasses are especially beneficial for those who require multiple lenses to see or for those whose eye power changes constantly due to various eye or health diseases.

A look back in time

The earlier development of these glasses happened back in 1960’s, when the cost for each lens was close to $1,000. This is the information that Adlens director of industry and regulatory affairs Doctor Graeme McKinsey provided. To help reduce the cost of the glasses, a special technique was used by the company which is called injection moulding that helped to bring down the cost, so that these glasses could be sold in the market.

In 2005 the co-founder of the company James Chen in one of his statements said that the whole concept of making these glasses was to give people a flexibility of abusing the glasses not only for reading purposes while they are in bed but even if they are sitting in front of the computer.  This conceptualization came into the picture in order to help people in getting the best visual experience without damaging their eyes through various lighting conditions.

Initially these glasses were marketed on a temporary basis to patients whose prescription glasses were either broken or lost. They were also meant for diabetics who have visual problems due to the frequent fluctuations of the blood levels.

How do they work?

dial vision glasses

There are still some reservations about whether or not these glasses can really be helpful. Overall results have proved beneficial for many patients who have tried and tested this particular form of prescription glasses.

Considering the fact that the eyes have the ability let us know when there is a discomfort or a problem with the present glasses that we wear, these glasses will instantly guide you and help you in getting the right vision without doing too much. The best thing is that a person does not have to wait on a new set of glasses in case they have lost or broken their glasses. It also saves them the time and energy of visiting an eye doctor for an eye checkup.

With these glasses, an individual can use his or her judgment and decide the best visibility. When you purchase these glasses, you also get an eye chart along with them. In order to make the necessary adjustments, the eye chart need to be placed at  considerable distance ,so that you can make the right changes to get a clear vision not only for those things that are located in a short distance but also for the ones that are far away from you. By using the dials on the side, a person can make adjustments to the lenses that suit his or her eyesight.

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