Is There A Possible Link Between Sugar And Cancer?


Why is sugar called the white death? Just like humans are addicted to sugar, the cancer cells are in love with sugar. This is the link between sugar and cancer. White death sugar serves as the death house for humans. In America, sugar is produced from sugar beets, which are now customized genetically. White sugar, agave, brown sugar, and sweeteners like sucralose and saccharine should not be included in your everyday meals. Human beings are in love with consuming sweet dishes. Instead of white death sugar, honey, sugar from coconut, molasses, and maple syrup can be consumed.

Why is sugar called the white death? When consumed in heavy doses, white death sugar can severely affect the immune system, which indirectly reduces the capability of white blood cells to kill bacteria. At the same time, it also makes you obese and therefore results in diabetes.

Why is sugar called the white death?


  • When you start consuming sugar in a heavy dosage, it is bound to increase glucose 6-phosphate (G6P). This, in turn, changes the protein, which is present in the muscle of our heart. Such a change can lead to heart failures.
  • A study was conducted on the impacts of intake of white death sugar, which clearly indicated that excessive consumption of sugar can lead to wearing off of cells and brain.
  • Why is sugar called the white death? Because the increased production of endorphins impairs the immune system of the body to a great extent.
  • The link between sugar and cancer is that with the consumption of sugar, the bile acids in the feces also rises. Such an increase leads to the production of cancer-causing compounds and may lead to colon cancer.
  • Everyday consumption of this deadly substance will cause a decrease in the stretching capability of tissues and negatively affect its function.
  • When one is pregnant, one should avoid consuming sugar as it affects the baby in the womb. The strength of its muscles is severely affected and this continues even in the growing stage of the baby.
  • The workings of blood protein namely albumin and lipoproteins are severely affected when a person consumes sugar on a daily basis. This, in turn, gives rise to another problem. A person is quite likely to become obese and the cholesterol level increases in his body. 

The link between sugar and cancer


An anaerobic respiratory working is displayed by all cancerous cells. Cancer is in love with sugar. It craves for sugary meals like you. Now the main problem lies in America, where sugar is produced from sugar beets, which are genetically restructured. As per studies, the kids in the United States are now consuming two times more sugar than they used to in the early nineties. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is now serving as the hub of calories for almost all American kids. The liver soaks in all the fructose, which is converted into fat. The number of obese and diabetic people are rising day by day in the United States.

How is Sugar-Free affecting your health?


Are you in the habit of consuming bed tea every morning right after you wake up? Do you use sweeteners such as Sugar-Free in your tea? You must be delighted thinking that you are leading a healthy life. The truth is, that you are just not aware of how poisonous it can be for your health. Artificial sweeteners ultimately lead you to suffer from various neurological problems and at the same time, it might also lead to depression.

Sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener, is far more harmful than natural sugar itself. This is generally used in bakery products. It is also known to aggravate a strong desire for more sugar. People can become obese after consuming sucrose.

Around eighty side effects can affect you after you consume the so-called diet soft drinks and cereals. It is a fact that these drinks are two hundred times sweeter than sugar. The worst side effect is it causes frustration and headaches among people who consume it on a regular basis. Aspartame, the negative side effects of which were recently discovered by scientists, is an integral part of these products.

Saccharin, scientifically known as benzoic sulfimide, which is again an artificial sweetener, is four hundred times sweeter than sugar. Various researchers claim that when tested upon lab animals, it has been seen that cancer has soon affected these animals.


In this article, we see a link between sugar and cancer. It has been proved that the consumption of sugar can fatally affect you in no time.

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