Link Between Risk of Death and Long-Term Antibiotics Use


Antibiotics, though they have plenty of benefits and effective responses when it comes to treating infections, are also quite harmful. Lately, it has been brought to light that there is a hidden link between risk of death and long-term antibiotics use.

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It shouldn’t come as news that commercialized and synthesized medicines do have certain drawbacks that are not completely unapparent. These side effects or ill effects accumulate over time resulting in dangers of longer-term use of antibiotics, which may be difficult to resolve.

Read on to know more about how a prolonged use of antibiotics is likely to result in a risk of death from heart disease and other causes.

Understanding the link between risk of death and long-term antibiotics use:

Long-Term Antibiotics Use

Recently, it has been discovered that there is a certain direct correlation between taking antibiotics and an early death among both men and women. It is a common fact that antibiotics, in the process of targeting specific pathogens, do end up killing gut microbes too, and can be categorized as one of the many dangers of longer-term use of antibiotics.

True that they do well for your body, but they also bring about certain harm whenever you take antibiotics. These same ill effects and side effects multiplied over a period of time is more likely to result in a risk of death from heart disease and other causes. This is why the use of antibiotics needs to be curbed and kept to the absolutely necessary.

What can be done to curb it?

Long-Term Antibiotics Use

  • Never start a dose of antibiotics without consulting your doctor to dodge dangers of longer-term use of antibiotics.
  • Always take antibiotics after a meal, and never on an empty stomach.
  • Never stop a prescribed dose of antibiotics on your own or because you started ‘feeling better.’
  • Make sure to not become habitual to it and keep your antibiotic usage minimum.

The onset of heart-related disorders with antibiotics usage:

Heart Attack

Prolonged and continuous use of antibiotics may result in a risk of death from heart disease and other causes more than the ones who don’t. the former has a 58% higher chance of becoming an easy target for cardiovascular disorders and hence, it is important for us all to keep our antibiotics dosage to the least.

Although there yet has been no relation found between dangers of longer-term use of antibiotics and getting cancer, there is clear evidence of cardiovascular disorders. There is also the certain influence on an individual’s lifestyle and genetic history. This only increases the risk of death from heart disease and other causes.

What role does sex of the individual play in the use of antibiotics?

Long-Term Antibiotics Use

As per recent studies, women are more likely to be affected due to prolonged antibiotics usage than men. Women who are on antibiotics for 2 months or more are found to be at a 58% higher risk of cardiovascular disorders than the ones who don’t use antibiotics.

Even generally, a seemingly healthy woman who takes antibiotics on a regular basis is 19% more likely to succumb to death than someone who seldom resorts to antibiotics. There is a definite link between risk of death and long-term antibiotics use. This is why it is never a good idea to casually keep popping in antibiotic tablets without consulting your doctor first.

How reliable is this study?

healthy heart

Although there has been a considerable relation established between taking in antibiotics and an early death, researchers still cannot put their finger on the cause and claim it to be the sole reason confidently.

The issue is that people who take antibiotics are ill in some way on the other. It is, perhaps, their illness that is resulting in them dying sooner than the others instead of the fact that there is a link between risk of death and long-term antibiotics use.

It is only an assumption and a perspective, which is yet to be studied. However, even if antibiotics are not the direct cause of death, it sure does contribute in one way or the other. Which is why it is best to curb your antibiotic use since there is a link between risk of death and long-term antibiotics use.


Antibiotics are designed to kill harmful microbes, but also do kill your useful gut bacteria. A sane individual will have no difficulty in believing that if your body is subjected to such harshness on a regular basis, sooner or later it is bound to result in death.

Take care of your body and health by not resorting to antibiotics every time you feel the need for it.

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