Is Dental Tourism in Bali worth the effort?


Bali may well be renowned for being an idyllic holiday destination with its beautiful beaches, tropical climate and varied landscapes that go hand-in-hand with relaxation. But its many attractions also include high-quality, low-cost medical and dental services, making for an appealing destination for anyone looking at dental tourism in Bali as a serious option.

Why Dental Tourism?

Dental-Tourism-in-BaliDental tourism is an offshoot of medical tourism and, essentially, it is when people travel from one country to another to receive dental care. Although the concept of dental tourism is not a new one, over the past twenty-odd years it has become more prominent. This can be attributed to several factors, including:

1:  Financial Reasons

The cost of dental care in Western nations, including the US, Canada, Northern Europe, Australia and New Zealand is prohibitively expensive. Even those who have dental insurance find that their insurance doesn’t generally cover the expense of all but the basic of procedures, leaving them to pay out-of-pocket expenses that are unaffordable. Conversely, dental care in locations like Bali is very much less, which makes for a good option when combining dental care with a holiday.

2: Increased Air Travel

Increased-Air-TravelTraveling abroad is a normal occurrence for many people – whether for a once-a-year holiday, business trips or weekend city-breaks. The increase in available flights to all corners of the Globe, as well as the proliferation of low-cost airlines has fuelled the travel bug.

3: The Rise of the Internet

The World Wide Web has made it easier for anyone to become their own travel agent. Flights and accommodation can all be booked online and guides, photos and other travelers’ experiences can help with assessing potential locations.

This is also true of medical and dental tourists where a little bit of additional research on facilities, doctors and prices can turn a dream into reality.

Research! Research! Research!

Of course, when it comes to health matters, taking a punt on the quality of healthcare services in another country is not something that anyone should take lightly – there is far more at stake than just not particularly enjoying your holiday. This is why anyone who is serious about dental tourism should always spend some time assessing all the possibilities, and thinking carefully about what is involved and whether it appeals to them – and this includes the country and the location, not just the dental care and facilities available.

DIY is great, but sometimes specialist help is the order of the day

Dental-Tourism-in-BaliIf you are considering becoming a dental tourist in Bali, or any other country for that matter, specialist medical and dental tourist companies are one way of finding reliable facilities, but again you will still need to do some research. Not all of them are created equally, and just like anything else in life when you are buying goods and services, it is up to you to work out whether they are trustworthy.

Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to discover this, but doing some rudimentary checks may help. Are there any reviews about the company on independent review sites? Is the company contactable – some offer 24 hour a day Customer Care? Do they offer warranties or guarantees? What about the dental clinics they recommend – how are they affiliated to them? No method is absolutely fool-proof but the more of your questions that can be answered satisfactorily then the better things are likely to be for your dental tourism holiday in Bali.

Dental Tourism in Bali

So, if you’re keen on dental tourism in Bali, whether that includes a specific trip to make savings on a big dental procedure, or whether you’re already going to Bali and are thinking of getting a procedure while you are there, what should you know about?

1: Prices

Price is the major motivation for dental tourists, and dentists in Bali are certainly competitive. From everyday dental care, like fillings, costing around a fifth of the price you’d pay at home to dental implants costing a third of the price, most Western visitors can make big savings.

2: Expertise

There is certainly no skill shortage at Bali dental clinics. Globalization means that dental training around the world is very similar, with cross-border training the norm. It is not unusual for clinic to have an international staff, Arc Dental Clinic, whose director is from Germany.

3: State-of-the-art facilities

Dental-Tourism-in-BaliInternational patients are often amazed by the quality of the facilities they find abroad, and Bali dentistry is no different. Clinics like Bali 911 Dental Clinic,which has two sites in Bali, is equipped with the latest technologies, such as CAD/CAM, for same-day prosthodontics, and 3D/CT scanning for the most accurate diagnostics.

4: Good infrastructure

Bali’s popularity as a holiday destination means that the infrastructure already exists for dental tourists – from accommodation options, attractions and gorgeous scenery.

Dental tourism in Bali is  a great option, both from a holiday perspective and in terms of obtaining affordable, great-quality dental care. Be prepared to do a little DIY on the research-front and you’ll be glad you made the effort.

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