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Improve wellness with Muay Thai and weight loss in Thailand    

by Dr Prem Community Writer

There is a growing number of people practicing Muay Thai in Thailand (both foreigners and locals), not really as an indication of the sport growing popularity, but more of how conscientiously people are caring for their health.

Until some centuries ago, Muay Thai was purely a brutal form of martial art mainly for the Thai army. Now, people over the world are thronging its camps and other training centres to learn/perfect this art. If you still haven’t heard of Muay Thai at this time, you are missing a whole lot, and you should continue reading.

Good health in Thailand with Muay Thai

weight-loss methodWellness is a function of lots of helpful and deliberate practices like; healthy dieting, good rest/sleep, and proper daily fitness routine. Next to good dieting, Muay Thai (exercise) should take preference because of the following reasons:

  1. Helps the Cardio-vascular Muscles : The muscles of our Heart work 24 hours daily, supporting the Heart in its constant work of supplying blood to other parts of the body. Consistent daily fitness routines like; kicking, punching, skipping, and other Muay Thai movements help to build these muscles to perform better. Good cardio reduces the risk of heart disease amongst Muay Thai fighters and gives them better endurance levels.
  2. A brilliant and effective weight-loss method: Practicing Muay Thai is a great way to reduce your body weight; more like killing two birds with a stone. The disciplined and tasking activities in Muay Thai develop your muscles and burns excess fat in your body. Also, the training expels excessive calories in your body system and aids easier and better body metabolism.
  3. Develops stronger bones and fluid hip movements : The main trouble with aging is the weakening of our bones, and sadly we will all age. But with the effects of Muay Thai training, it is easier to develop stronger bones. When you keep training your bones with activities like; hitting obstacles/dummies or balancing in unnatural positions, or being comfortable with hard tasks, your body will consequently adapt and develop stronger bones.
  4. Better body coordination : Body coordination is crucial to smooth body actions like; walking, running, sitting, and other postures. When practicing Muay Thai, the need for quick body responses will develop your nervous system (spine, brain, etc.) to perform with good sage and better reflexes. This ability is not only useful in fights, but in your daily lives like; preventing accidental slips, hamstring issues, and aging diseases like Parkinson’s.5. It develops a balanced mental capacity Our psychology directly affects our overall wellness and health. Developing a strong mental capacity will spur us to always be better in our work, thoughts and lead us to general improvements. Muay Thai sport involves the display of calculated, smart, and cunning but legitimate tactics to conquer your opponents, and the speed and accuracy in executing these skills will help to develop your brain.

Muay Thai in Thailand

Muay Thai in ThailandMuay Thai is something of a national act in Thailand; with numerous training camps scattered through the breathtaking scenery of the country islands and metropolitan centres.

Lots of Thai people go to camps practicing for long hours to keep well and fit. Plus, as many Thai people quip: the sport helps them to ease their anxieties and reduces stress levels. Suwitmuaythai with nutritious food is a Muay Thai training program for weight loss when you are in Thailand.

Finally, Thailand hosts the biggest Muay Thai festival annually and is home to a great, hospitable people and culture. It also has the best camps and scenery available for the sport worldwide.

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