Impact of The COVID-19 Pandemic On Our Mental And Physical Health

Impact of The COVID-19 Pandemic On Our Mental And Physical Health


A virus has changed our entire life schedule and the way we used to live and communicate with our close ones.

Everything started from the month of November 2019, when the first case of Coronavirus had come into the news from the Wuhan city of China. After that, it only takes a couple of months when the entire world has started to report several cases of this virus.

Washing your hands frequently, using masks and sanitizers, maintaining physical distancing was started. Gradually as the number of cases started to rise, the governments of different countries implemented lockdowns.

The Covid-19 pandemic made us stuck in our homes. People started to work from home, schools and colleges shut down. We also lost most of the entertainment options that we used to rely on when we thought of taking a break. Vacations become a matter of panic.

All these things have worked together and started to affect both our mental and physical health. Many people end up developing an addiction to alcohol and other substances as they are searching for a way to relax and escape from reality.

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Impact Of Covid-19 On Our Mental And Physical Health

We have already mentioned that both our physical and mental health are getting impacted due to the Covid-19. Here we will talk about that now.

Impact 1: Physical Distancing Is Becoming Mental Distancing


Physical distancing is a must to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. As a result, we are bound not to roam here and there with our friends; we are not able to attend office, work, schools, colleges, and other social events as well. This physical distance is gradually taking our close ones away from us.

Impact 2: No more Outdoor Activities

Going out is a strict no-no. Thus, those morning walks and exercising in the park have been stopped. We are not getting the fresh air enough, as we used to get. It is affecting our physical health and overall fitness.

Impact 3: A Boring And Limited Life Routine

All the theaters, cinema halls, party places, clubs, pubs, and many more outdoor entertainment options have become limited and, in some cases, not at all accessible. We are not getting the opportunity to have some fun times. Life has become boring, and we are following the same routine every day. It is indeed affecting our mental health.

Impact 4: More Anxiety And Depression Cases

We are living in fear of getting infected and losing our lives. We are not able to have the fun we used to have. We are not able to spend some time with our close ones. Everything is working together and causing anxiety and depression issues. A huge number of people have also lost their jobs, which is another reason for feeling depressed and anxious.

Impact 5: Developing Addiction Towards Substances

This is a tough time. Different people are adopting different ways to cope with this hard time. As a result, some of us have headed towards substance abuse. It is adding more physical and mental health issues to the existing ones.

Impact 6: A Rise In Chronic Health issues

We are afraid of getting infected by the Covid-19. So, we are avoiding hospitals and health centers. Doctors are also busy handling coronavirus cases. As a result, people with existing health issues are not getting the proper treatment at the right time. Their health conditions are becoming serious, and the number of chronic health issues is rising.


We have tried to offer you all the information you might be searching for. Still here, we are answering some of the most common questions for clearing out your doubts and queries.

Q1: How Does COVID-19 Affect Our Mental Health?

The parent is helping the little girl to wear the surgical mask for protection of virus

In this article, we have already described the toll Covid-9 is taking on our mental health. A number of us are experiencing challenges, which can be not only really stressful and overwhelming but also cause strong emotions both in children and adults. Public health actions, such as social distancing, are a must for mitigating the spread of Coronavirus. At the same time, they are making us feel lonely and isolated and also can increase anxiety and stress.

Q2: What Effect Does The COVID-19 Pandemic Have On People’s Personal Lives?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, physical distancing is a must. People spend more time at their homes and going out means inviting the dangers. All these restrictions are affecting the personal lives of several people, as the physical distance is turning into social distance as well with their relatives and friends.

Q3: What Are Some Of The Negative Psychological Effects Of Quarantine During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

As per the most reviewed reports, the Covid-19 negative psychological effects involve anger, confusion, and also post-traumatic stress symptom frustration, fears, ms. Stressors include inadequate information, inadequate supplies, boredom, stigma, and financial loss.

Q4: What Are Some Common Psychological Reactions Toward The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Here are some of the most common psychological reactions towards the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Increased usage of tobacco, alcohol, and other types of drugs.
  • Worsening most chronic health problems.
  • Nightmares and difficulty in sleeping.
  • Difficulty concentrating and decision making.
  • Physical reactions, like skin rashes, stomach problems, body pains, and headaches.
  • Changes in energy, petite, and activity levels.
  • Feelings of anger, fear, sadness, frustration, numbness, or worry.

Final Talks

Covid-19 has totally changed the way of our life. We are living in constant fear of losing a closed one or losing our own lives. We are taking the assistance of addiction to feel normal and cope with this challenging situation.

Remember, addiction cannot be the solution to anything. If you are not feeling mentally okay, you should take assistance from a professional.

Stay healthy and try to find happiness in smaller things.

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