How your health gets affected at the workplace?


Work and wellness are directly related to each other in every aspect, no matter what the mode and requirements of the work are. The environment in which an individual spends his time is directly related to his physical and mental health conditions. Extra work hours, overtime job, not getting any compensations etc. add to an individual’s level of stress and depression. Thus, it is important for supervisors to make sure that an employee is working in a healthy office environment where he can learn and perform his tasks efficiently as well.

Headache at work

Office environment is not only related to the workload of an individual but the design and location of the office as well. A well designed office can play a vital role in creating a positive impact on the working mind-set of the person. An uncomfortable design, dull colours and inappropriate placement of equipment can all result in lower productivity of employees which in turn increases their level of stress and anxiety. Thus, many offices become a reason for a person’s wrong habits and practices.

Tips for creating a healthy office environment

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  1. In view of all potential health hazards at workplaces, employers and business owners are now turning to architects and office design firms, such as Rainbow Office Design, to get solutions that could help them have an office and, thus, improve health and wellbeing of employees.
  2. Offices with ample public areas provide sufficient space to workers to have a walk around the workplace during hours of continuous work. The more your office gives a congested look, the more it will become irritating for you.
  3. Refreshing, vibrant and bright colours can change your mood completely. A dull, lazy and depressed mood is attributable to colours and aesthetics in your surroundings. Rainbow office design uses great combinations of colour schemes to keep the overall ambiance of workplace engaging and refreshing for you.
  4. Sensitivity or allergy to chemicals found in carpets, furniture, paint and other machinery can result into headache and also, rashes at times. It is important to have sufficient ventilation at workplaces; otherwise, employees may report the incidents of severe headache and illness. Proper ventilation and lighting motivate employees to have higher productivity in the workplace.
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  5. Arrange your office in a way that it allows you to move or stand after a while. In this regard, a standing desk works best for individuals who don’t want them to make a candidate for back pain or overweight related disorders. This will help such individuals move frequently after a while if they get tired of sitting.
  6. Make it Green! Green colour represents the nature and adds a refreshing look to the view of your walls. You will get a mental peace and energy if you feel demotivated or down during the work.Article Submitted By Community Writer

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