How Writing Affects Your Mood in Different Ways?


We all try to find different ways to make ourselves feel better. While some people prefer to go for exercising, some opt for meditation and yoga. Studies have shown that another way a person can help himself or herself is by writing. Let us check out some of the different ways on how writing affects your mood under various situations.

Understanding how writing affects your mood when you feel you are caged within yourself


People who often feel that they are caged within themselves often find it very difficult to express themselves. Such people have various types of problems and issues while associating and expressing themselves. The feeling of being caged can often result in various types of mental issues such as anxiety, depression, and even various violent behaviors. The mental health benefits of academic writing helps such people to channelize their thoughts and give them a chance to express what they truly feel. Since you pen down your feelings, you tend to feel a lot lighter on the inside.

Writing helps in healing mental and emotional wounds faster

We all go through our shares of mental and emotional wounds. Getting hurt is a part of life and not everybody can deal with it. When a person cannot deal with the emotional pain, he or she can end up hurting himself or herself. There are so many ways to understand  how essay writing affects your mood in such cases. By writing down the pain that you feel, you feel that the pen and paper acknowledges where you stand and what you feel. It also provides a comfort, especially when you are dealing with angry and hurtful feelings.

Writing gives you a chance to pen down anything you want

One of the biggest benefits of writing for mental health is that you can write anything that you want. When you sit down with a pen and a paper, you do not have to worry about somebody being judgmental.

  • Through writing, you can jot down as much as you want.
  • Writing helps to transform your energy and de-stresses the mind.
  • Expressive writing helps to reduce the feeling of depression, anxiety, etc.

It gives you the ability to handle challenges and situations in life

Given the fact that life is full of challenging situations, a person needs to be strong to take on the things the way they come. When things do not go right, we often tend to feel helpless and cornered. The benefits of how essay writing affects your mood when things are not going the right way includes factors like:

  • Clears the stagnant energy that is there around you
  • Helps you be more creative in whatever you do
  • Builds the emotional resilience that you need to deal with how your life goes

Writing reduces the stress levels and improves overall health


Our health is totally in our hands. One of the biggest problems with many people today is that we often ignore ourselves. If you look at the statistics, people suffer from various kinds of diseases and ailments at a very early age. No doubt, there are many mental health benefits of essay writing; however, from an internal aspect, academic writing helps to:

  • Keep your blood pressure under control
  • Improves the functioning of the liver and the lungs
  • Helps to deal with post traumatic stress disorder
  • Improves the mood, reduces the stress levels, and helps in the overall well-being of a person

An ideal approach if you want to connect to yourself

In this fast paced world, we often get disconnected from ourselves. While methods like meditation and yoga does help you to reconnect, writing on the other hand takes things to another level. Here are a few ways on how writing affects your mood and helps you to connect to yourself:

  • It helps you to clear your head and prevents you from crashing down from within
  • Writing gives you a chance to feel happy and deal with the constant battle that you have within yourself
  • Helps you to overcome the ‘Should have’ and ‘What if’ feelings that often is a result of a person being disconnected from himself or herself.

It gives you a chance to speak out when you have no one to talk to


Amongst the various benefits of writing for mental health, this is one of the most important ways that you can help yourself. There are times when you want to speak things out to someone but unfortunately you have no one next to you. In such times, essay writing helps you to:

  • Express every small feeling bubbling up inside you
  • Deal with the fear that surrounds you because of whatever you feel inside
  • Helps you to overcome the obstacle that is depriving you from moving forward

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