How understanding the signs of body can help in improving mental health

float in the water like a dead body

Good mental health is essential for a person to perform in every aspect of their life. From their personal to their professional relationships and commitments, everything revolves around how a person responds to a situation. Studies show that today stress is one of the biggest reasons behind a lot of diseases and problems. Your body shows signs that clearly indicate that you are stressed. Let us have a look at a few signs that you should not ignore.

You start forgetting things

When you are under lot of mental pressure, you start forgetting even the smallest things. It affects you so badly that you will not remember small things like where you kept your keys at night or even what you were speaking about. You might even forget big things like paying your bills or completing your project or target on time.

Troubled sleep even if you are tired

Troubled sleep

Stress affects your sleeping pattern, you may be tired but you cannot fall asleep. Even if you do sleep, you either sleep too much or hardly sleep at all. We all are aware that everyone needs proper sleep everyday for the overall well being of their health. When you sleep too much or too little, it affects your body performance. This is why, it is essential to make sure that you should get yourself to relax your mind.

You are over sensitive or come across as hard hearted

brain is pushed to the limit

A stressed out person can either be over sensitive or come across as a hardhearted person, you have to learn to comfort what is bothering you and ensure that you come up with a solution. Sometimes it is also good to let go certain things that are not in your hands. Breaking down, crying too much or even not showing any emotion can all be signs that your brain is pushed to the limit.

Lack of interest in things that you once liked to do


Another sign that shows you are stressed is the lack of interest in things. People tend to start disconnecting themselves from people and activities that makes them happy. They only start focusing on the different reasons that is stressing them out. The minute you go into a shell, it is a clear indication that your stress is taking over you and controlling your ability to live life.

How to combat stress with the latest trends


There are many articles, studies exercises, to-do’s how-to’s etc on how to reduce stress, but none of them are effective if a person does not want to take an active effort in working towards it. Now that you know some of the signs that your body shows when you are stressed, let us have a look at how you can make a change and help yourself come out of the situation. Here are a few weird and different ways you can reduce your stress levels.


happy lady

Swaddling is a techniques where in an adult is wrapped just like an infant. The only difference here, is, even the head is wrapped. After wrapping the person, they are placed on a hammock or swing. There, a person rocks them for a while to help them relax. This technique originates from Japan where the mid wives used to help women who have just delivered to reduce their stress levels. It is also known as otonamaki. Try this method to see the results.

A shoulder to cry on

A shoulder to cry on

There are people who provide a special service, which lets a person cry to reduce their stress. These people not only give you a shoulder to cry on, however, they also let you speak your mind out without saying a word.

Floating therapy

float in the water like a dead body

If you go for swimming or have a tub at home, you can easily do this by yourself. You also have special deprivation tanks, which come with sensors and have special speakers installed. All you have to do is to float in the water like a dead body and listen to the music for a while. Even if you do not want to go anywhere else, you can do this at home by playing some relaxing music while you float in the water.

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