How to differentiate between a great gym and a good gym


The truth about fitness and developing a healthy lifestyle is that it’s hard – particularly in the initial stages, when most people are trying to generate momentum. All of you, regardless of your fitness level today, went through a period in your life where you dabbled with change. You may have followed a diet for a few weeks only to fall back into eating snacks and junk food, or perhaps you made it to the gym for a month, only to become complacent with your results and trade in the treadmill for the couch.

great-gymBut is that entirely your fault? Contrary to popular belief, failure is not directly correlated to your willpower (or lack thereof), dedication or ambition. Sometimes the environment we place ourselves in can prevent us from reaching our full potential and checking off milestones from our to-do list. There are a myriad of reasons why people stop going to the gym, but instead of viewing this as failure, perhaps it’s time to view it as an opportunity to workout at a new gym this spring and continue to fight for your own success.

The defining point between massive success and mediocre results lies in the ability for a gym to satisfy their clients. How many gyms have you been to that offer the same thing: yearlong contracts, unenthusiastic trainers, bland atmosphere and zero emphasis on transformation? With a cookie-cutter approach like this, it’s no wonder a large percentage of users never achieve their long-term goals. A great gym should offer flexible frameworks that apply to a client’s unique situation. Perhaps the individual is in a tough economic time and needs a pay-as-you-go gym – perfect!

The underlying principle is that, among other things, a gym should fit the needs of their client base, not the other way around. Jim Thomas – founder of Fitness Management USA – recently revealed to ABC Financial that 50% of gym businesses will fail to have a lifespan longer than five years, and although funding and revenue ties into this statistics, the majority of gyms fail to propel themselves forward on account of proper marketing and customization.

great-gymPay-as-you-go gym memberships, helpful and knowledgeable staff, proper equipment and a culture that promotes transformations are of the utmost importance. “New gym owners have this idea that a gym will sell itself to customers,” says Thomas. For business enthusiasts that want to propel their career, and the person that wants to get into shape, proper strategies must be followed and implemented!

To draw a bigger picture, fitness and health are two areas that most people neglect in their everyday lives. With obesity statistics suggesting that nearly 70% of the population within the United States is overweight (and that’s saying nothing of the problem here in Canada), now is the perfect time to adopt change. For readers that want to make a drastic improvement on their health, look in the mirror and realize that it can be done – with the proper gym and trainers working alongside clients, anything can be done.

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