How Human Growth Hormones benefit adolescents with stunted growth


Human growth hormones have been prescribed for children with great success. These growth hormones can help adolescents whose growth is stunted due to the deficiency of the growth hormone. Children require adequate levels of the growth hormones to reach their milestones, and most children’s bodies produce enough growth hormones to enable them to do this naturally. But children whose bodies do not produce enough growth hormones need HGH supplements to set them on the path to normal growth.

What exactly are Human Growth Hormones

Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormones or HGH, also known as GH or Growth Hormone, is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland at the brain’s base. It is even known as the ‘master hormone’, as it balances all the other hormones. A healthy production of GH keeps people happy, engaged and allows them to cope with stress. It helps the body heal faster and helps to strengthen the bones of growing children.

How does HGH benefit children

Reaching height goals

Adolescents who have not been able to reach their growth goals, including height, weight, puberty etc can benefit from daily injections of the synthesized growth hormone. Parents may get their children tested for the deficiency of HGH and then reach out to reputable sites such as if the need arises.

According to studies, children whose growth is normal can also benefit from HGH and their height too can increase by injections of the synthetic hormone. If any child’s genetic heritage lets him or her to grow only up to 5 ft 3 or thereabouts, his/her height can increase from 1-4 inches, if the growth hormone therapy is started early, before puberty.

Normalizing body proportion


Children born small and fail to reach their milestones by the age of 2, girls who have the chromosomal abnormality known as Turner syndrome and children born with genetic disorders such as Noonan syndrome and SHOX deficiency can be benefited by synthetic HGH. HGH treatment can play a major role in normalizing the body proportions of children/adolescents, who have comparatively large feet and hands. According to scientists, children suffering from juvenile arthritis, Prader-Willi syndrome (making them extremely obese) and Cystic fibrosis can benefit from hormone therapy.

Improve bone density and fight obesity

The adolescence period is a difficult time, as teenagers start becoming aware of their body image. Those adolescents who struggle with obesity due to GH deficiency, can be helped by the

HGH injection therapy for growth. They tend to develop body fat in the abdomen, have fragile bones and very low muscle mass. HGH injections helps to increase the bone density and improves muscle mass in legs, trunk and arms, and helps to reduce fat.

The risks involved

consult doctor

The long term effects are not known, and before administering the HGH to your child, you should consult your doctor, and give your ward the adequate dosage for the length of time he/she prescribes. 

Continuing HGH therapy in adolescence will help the child develop the proper bone density. Another added benefit could be that the reduction of cholesterol levels in adolescence may lead to better heart health in adulthood. On the whole, HGH therapy can benefit adolescents who have a diagnosed deficiency of growth hormones, and give them a chance to attain normal growth milestones, like their peers.

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