HIV/AIDS Real Stories

HIV/AIDS: Real Stories

Real stories are personal stories shared by members of the DIYHealth community. These are stories of hope and triumph over a medical condition, inspiring us to stay the course.

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1. True love can do wonders

I am 32 years old and single. I don’t have any kids and was never married. Furthermore, I’m bisexual and never had much friends in college either. I started dating more guys than girls from the age of 20. I was always a career oriented man but despite being educated and knowledgeable, I’ve had sex with guys without protection.


The news came to me about 5 years back when I had just been selected for a fantastic job abroad. I had to undergo a medical test to get a visa. I received a call from the clinic saying that I was tested HIV positive. I would not accept it. I went to other clinics and had another test conducted. After 3 consecutive tests, I had no other option but to accept it; I was HIV positive.


I started losing weight gradually and suffered from chronic fatigue. My dreams, my ambitions, everything had seemed to come to an end. I suffered from severe trauma for over three months. I could not face my parents. But gradually, they came to know and luckily they’ve been supportive of me. I have survived 5 years and I look forward to 15 more at least.

2. I am not alone

I’m 26 years old and have two beautiful kids. My son is 5 years old boy and my daughter is just 2. Back in June-July 2009, I was diagnosed with HIV and my CD4 count was very good at that time. So, I didn’t think I needed to do anything about it. Then by the end of 2009, I had lost a lot of body weight and when my friends asked me I said, “I’m on diet.” I started experiencing constant headaches and flu. Normal over-the-counter medicines were not good enough to cure them. I was a heavy drinker and there was something growing in my throat when decided to visit the doctor again. The doctors forced me get tested for HIV as they suspected that the gland I have in my throat could be caused by HIV. But I concealed my results from everyone and did not take medicines. By August 2010, I was fatally sick and none of my clothes would fit. I went to the doctor and confessed of what I had done and got medical attention. By this time, my CD4 count was at an alarmingly, only 47. I started ARVs from September 2010 and now I’m much healthier. I got lucky, but I advise none suffering from HIV to do what I did. Do not give up hope on your life and ignore HIV. I thought I was alone in this battle, but I’m not and neither are you. Thanks for reading!

3. Real life angels

It has only been a week since I found out that I was HIV positive. Since then I haven’t slept, haven’t eaten or done anything. I am extremely weak both physically and mentally and scared. I am only 21 years old and belong to a very conservative society, where they still outcast people like me.


Two weeks ago, when my doctor called me and declared my results, I almost fainted and broke down. I didn’t know what to do. The doctor asked me to relax a little for a few days and said he will perform a confirmation test. My confirmation results came in yesterday and no mistakes were present in the first one. I don’t know how long I have had HIV, but I’m so scared. I somehow had managed to tell my mother, who then informed my dad. Luckily, they’ve accepted my fate and have stood by me. I know that the medicines are mostly very expensive but I don’t know how I’ll afford it. My father has vowed by God that he will see it till the end and raise more money from his business to afford my medicines. My mother is praying for me. I was severely depressed and feeling hopeless but my parents have shown me a ray of hope. I’ve too decided to hold on through the almighty.

4. My gratitude

I am 25 years old now but was diagnosed with HIV when I was only 18. I know the person who had infected me and that too when I was 16. I never became angry, rather consoled myself thinking ‘everything happens for a reason.’

It might sound like day dreaming to some of you but I hope to get married and have a family. My family and my best friend have stood by me throughout. No words can express my gratitude towards them. There are quite a few HIV positive people where I live. In my seven years of living with HIV, I have realized that an HIV positive person can actually be happier and more admirable than a negative person. I for example, don’t stress; I live every moment and help others. I travel a lot and be happy with this wonderful life. I understand truly how short life can be, not just for HIV positive people but for anyone. So, HIV or not, we need to live and make the most of life.

5. A new life

Just one day was enough to change my life. It was back in the July of 2008, my boyfriend came back to town after eight months. He was my ‘someone special’ and I thought he too felt the same about me and dated me exclusively. After eight months of separation, we could not control our emotions and we made love without protection. 8-10 days afterwards, I started experiencing constant recurring fever, chills, lack of appetite, nausea and constant headache. So my sister had me taken to the hospital and I was diagnosed with chlamydia and genital herpes. I was in great disbelief and infuriated, at the same time I did not want to get tested for HIV as I was afraid of the results. So I did not. Life was going on fine, I did my job and took care of my children, who had no one but me as I’m a single mother. I had quit dating since the day my diagnosis results came out.


After a year or so, in August of 2009, I realized there was a bump in the back of my neck. I had it diagnosed and it turned out to be a swollen lymph node. This time I could not refuse the HIV test.


My doctor called me up a week later, asking me to come in right away. I was HIV positive. I broke into tears. What was going to happen to my two children? Especially, the youngest one who is only 5. How long do I have? Am I going to die? The doctor sympathized and gave me hope by saying that he would perform a 2nd test to confirm the results.


But I was indeed HIV positive. I have none but myself to blame for trusting him and letting him penetrate me without a condom. I am 41 years old and single. My elder daughter who’s 20 years old has supported me through and through. And I know she’ll make it without me. But when I lay next to my 5 year old at night, I cannot take my eyes off her.


A few friends and relatives have been very supportive during these 2 and half years. I have been under treatment constantly and according to my latest diagnosis, my viral load is still undetectable and my CD4 Count is above 600. Inevitably, the feelings of dying have come to mind, but I hold on hoping for a cure to come, someday. A cure not just to lengthen my life but make the world a beautiful place again.

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