Alcohol Abuse Real Stories

Alcohol Abuse: Real Stories

Real stories are personal stories shared by members of the DIYHealth community. These are stories of hope and triumph over a medical condition, inspiring us to stay the course.

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1. Life without alcohol is beautiful

I was falling in love for the second time and it felt even better than the first, but this time it was not a girl, it was alcohol. The ironical truth behind my infidelity was that I could not tell either of my love about the other one. The smile on my girlfriend’s face forced me to hide this hazardous truth from her. It was good going for a while and we both were happy with each other, but one call made in a drunken stupor and it was over. It hurt me very badly and the moment I opened my eyes, I found myself in a hospital. My girlfriend was standing beside me with reports in hand and tears in her eyes. The only words she spoke were, “Make a choice between your drinks and me.” It was really very difficult and begged her not to force such decisions on me. Ultimately, the love I had for my girlfriend took over and I joined a recovery center where I recognized the real meaning of life and came out of my illusionary world. 

2. Being addicted is easy, freedom is hard but not impossible

The sorrow of losing my brother dragged me towards alcohol, which took me away from my sense of loss. My husband and daughter, everyone, tried their level best to get me out of this, but the only resort that relieved me was alcohol. I never realized that it would soon become my habit and I will get addicted to it. I became an active alcoholic and suddenly realized that my face turned yellow and my eyesight was getting worse with time and I was not able to focus. My daughter said that, “If this is the way to get out of pain, I can see my future in your eyes.” Her voice kept echoing in my ears and I decided to get proper treatment. I could see tears in my daughter eyes, which gave me power to stand by my decision. After all the tests in the hospital, cirrhosis of the liver was discovered. I was strictly told that if I continue drinking, I can even die. The nurses and my family help me detoxify and motivated to stay the course of rehab. This was really very difficult, but not impossible.

3. It feels great today

It was a hot summer evening when we went out for my friend’s birthday party, grappling our way through unknown paths and roads in search of a place where we all could enjoy a drink or two. Being the only teetotaler among my friends, I stood in one corner sipping cola. Everything was going smooth until a friend in a drunken stupor started venting his anger and his anxieties out on us all. Five years of heavy drinking had almost dissolved his liver and yet he would not give up. I was eager to help him and this time I let him get drunk and recorded a video of his outburst. Later, when he was in his senses, I showed him the videos that had captured his drunken drama. More than his own actions, the humiliation which others had inflicted on him and was recorded in the videos gave him a big jolt. This episode stirred his conscience and made him realize the gravity of his actions, inspiring him to never touch alcohol again in his life. 

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