Acne Real Stories

Acne: Real Stories

Real stories are personal stories shared by members of the DIYHealth community. These are stories of hope and triumph over a medical condition, inspiring us to stay the course.

Top Real Stories

1. Live life king size

I have never cared to write any testimonial before, but I know the depression of acne and want to motivate anyone suffering from it to read this real life experience that completely changed my life. I am 25 years old and have been suffering from acne since I was 15. I tried every recommended medicine and have even had 12 tablets a day. Life seemed hell and misery before I went to see my uncle who was admitted in a hospital. On the adjoining bed was lying a 26 year old girl struggling for life for 18 months. I had a small chat with her and was surprised to see her love for life. She was learning to live with her rebuilt artificial features and had had more than 30 operations. She was full of hope and believed that her bravery will surely help in regaining her lost confidence. I broke after seeing her and realized that life is really tough for some people and the one who get to have smooth ride try to complicate it with negligible problems like acne etc. That was the last day I felt bad for my skin and myself. I live life to the fullest now and love myself for what I am. My family and friends love me for what I am and I have realized the true meaning of life.

2. My resolution

I have suffered from acne for many years and have experimented with everything to get rid of it, but always got very ugly results. The feeling was so disgusting that I skipped classes, avoided people and even tried not to get out of my room. I tried various antibiotics, ointments and numerous beauty creams but the chemical influence only added to the problem. Two months back, seeing my distress one of my close friend suggested yoga. I had tried everything except yoga. So, I made my mind to try it too. To my surprise after so many years, I felt relaxed with reduced mental imbalance like anxiety, stress and worry. I decided to cultivate yoga as part of my life and after few days, my acne also started settling down and now I have healthy and clearer skin. Now, I have made a resolution not to bid good bye to yoga even after getting cured of acne.

3. I met my new self

I have had acne since I was 12 years old and had always thought that my acne problem was really severe. It made me lose my confidence and I was hesitant to speak with strangers. I was very conscious of my appearance and avoided gatherings. Few days back, I came to know about a confidence boosting seminar in my city. Seeing my level of frustration, my mother motivated me to attend this seminar and it inspired me to a great extent. I started making small adjustments in the way I looked at the world and realized that I was obsessed with my appearance. Now when I walk into a room, my personality reflects my confidence. I always greet people with a smile. I choose clothes that compliment my body and a hairstyle that attracts attention to my best feature, my eyes. I have started getting compliments for the way I carry myself and guess what? I was recently awarded with the best sales person of the year award.

4. Controlling my cravings actually worked

Acne had become my agony. My family and friends always appreciated my complexion and sharp features but acne eclipsed all that nature gave me. It’s one thing not to be bestowed with a pleasing physical appearance, but having it and then witnessing it get marred by something trivial is a real pinch. I was really torn owing to this pestilence. I tried everything, from medicines to other home remedies, but nothing worked. It was not before I managed some weight gain that the answer to the problem appeared in disguise. Panicked by my growing weight, I cut down on various foods which I would never otherwise, being a slave to taste. Little did I know that these were the foods aggravating my acne trouble. Now my visage is clear as ever. I’ve learnt that everything happens for a reason. I’m a slave to taste no more and am acne free too.

5. Stress is my enemy

I had a habit of never taking it easy. I always believed in living life fastidiously, which led to rising frustrations, dissatisfaction and touchiness. How long would I have gone without this lifestyle taking a toll on my health which it eventually did? My worrying way of life affected my digestive system and weakened my liver. Proper water levels couldn’t be retained which initiated symptoms of parched skin. Before I knew it, I was facing the evils of acne. Never knew an ailment so distressing. It was on my conscience and psyche all the time, taking a toll on my confidence. Distressed, I broke down one day crying. My mother approached me and gently chided me of my worrying lifestyle, claiming it to be the reason for my sorrows. I always ignored her on this point but at my lowest low, I implemented her advice and started following it daily. I realized that the pimples had started to fade. I couldn’t believe that something with no physical existence as stress could actually be such an overbearing force so as to disrupt my physical heath. Well, no more stress I say. This life is meant to be lived and that too acne free. Here’s to life. Cheers!

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