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4 Tips for Helping an Elderly Person Remain Independent

by DrPrem Jagyasi

If you have a loved one you care a great deal about, you will want to be confident to assist this person in ways to maintain independence. This can help you feel better about this individual’s safety and may be the key to your peace of mind, as well. Getting older can be a real challenge and the key to having the highest quality of life will rest in doing certain things and avoiding others. You will want to assist this person in being as mobile as possible, as well. Being aware of other tips to accomplish these goals are ideal to share with this person.

Tip #1: Invest in an emergency system

You may find that your loved one doesn’t move as fast or walk as stable as in the past. This can cause you some concern about this individual’s well-being.

It can be easy to slip and fall or suffer other types of injuries when left at home alone. Of course, your elderly loved one may be well enough to live alone, and you both may want to keep this situation as it is.

Taking the time to look at www.alert-1.com is sure to be ideal in allowing you to choose an emergency medical alert system that will keep this person monitored at all times. This type of device will be easy for your loved one to use if medical help is necessary.

Tip #2:  Staying physically fit


One of the best ways for your loved one to remain independent throughout the later years of life is by staying active. Taking time to engage in an exercise routine is sure to be ideal in allowing this person to get stronger and stronger. It’s ideal to get in several sessions of exercise each week to help the body get stronger.

Water aerobics is a great exercise that offers some health benefits for this person and is sure to be an ideal way to keep the body healthy at any age. Using the pool to stay in good shape can take a lot of stress off the body and provide amazing health benefits.

Tip #3: Offer driving services

It’s easy for older people to be unable to drive from place to place because the eyesight may not be as good as it used to be. Many elderly people simply can’t see as well at night, and this can pose a problem when emergencies may arise at various times in life.

You can always offer to take your loved one to doctors’ appointments, grocery shopping and other places that this person needs to go to only live from month-to-month. This is sure to be appreciated and one of the many ways you can show your love and support to this person.

Tip #4: Plan meals

One of the ideal ways for your loved one to feel well and remain independent is by eating foods that offer the most nutritional benefits. It can be a real challenge for many elderly individuals to take the time to cook meals that are healthy for the body.

However, when you work closely with this person by finding simple and nutritious meals to prepare, this can make things much easier. The key to having success in this area is to know the things your loved one will and won’t eat.

This will provide you with a starting place for looking for new and nutritious recipes that can be prepared with ease. You can find inexpensive meals for this person to cook, as well. Studies show the average retired person spends $459 per month on food.

The good news is that you can be of great help to any individual that is getting older and needs some assistance on how to cope with this. There are many things that can be done and be proactive is certain to be one of the ways to avoid issues and allow elderly people to enjoy a higher quality of life. Taking the time to be by your loved one’s side and offer support as necessary is sure to be important.

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