Guide to Non-Invasive and Natural Essential Tremor Treatments

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There are many ways to treat essential tremor which does not involve invasive surgery. If you are worried about undergoing invasive surgery to relieve your hand tremor, these may be one of the options available to you.

The Focused Ultrasound Technique

thalamusSince 2016, there has been available a non-invasive surgical essential tremor treatment which has helped to change the lives of many patients who have undergone it. It uses focused ultrasound waves to create a lesion in the thalamus; the part of the brain known to be responsible for essential tremor. Through the combined use of these ultrasound waves and an MRI to see that treatment is taking place as it should, doctors are able to perform the procedure while checking the motor and speech functions of an awake patient.

The best part of this treatment is the fact that it is incisionless. It carries fewer risks than open surgery would and has a quick recovery time compared to that of an invasive surgery. The results are great too; many patients who have undergone this procedure have noted a marked improvement in their tremorseverity. 

Natural Techniques

practicing yoga and mindfulnessIf you are more inclined to try a natural technique, you may want to try practicing yoga and mindfulness. These may offer some much-needed relief as well as open you up to a possible new lifestyle.

Yoga is excellent not just as an exercise technique but also as a way for you to improve your well-being. Other types of physical fitness can also be considered. Tai chi may also help to improve your physical and mental aptitudes in exactly the same way. Alternatively, you could look into some sort of gentle water aerobics class if you think yoga or tai chi sounds too strenuous.

The physical aspects will strengthen your muscles and allow you to regain some control of the tremors. Meanwhile, the relaxation of the poses and the trance of completing the set of movements may improve your mind and help you to feel more positive. Find out what is available in your local area and consider heading along to some sessions.

This mindfulness can also be practiced in other areas. If you find yourself struggling to come to terms with your new lifestyle, you may want to try mindfulness as a way to lift you out of these negative feelings. Meditation and healthy, clean eating might all be great steps to take in the search for mindfulness and inner peace. If you are comfortable mentally with the idea of taking on your tremors, you will be ready to fight them physically. 

Just the Beginning

improve your quality of lifeTake the control over your tremors back today. Whether you choose an incisionless surgical route or you decide that you want to try a natural alternative like yoga, there is always something you can do to improve your quality of life. Don’t let your essential tremor stand in the way of who you were before. Your life can be improved with just a few simple actions.

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