Guide to Launching Your Second Career in Nursing

Launching Your Second Career in Nursing

You are never too old to change your career. There are lots of people who are now enjoying a second career and you could be one of them, too. If you have been passionate about caring and then looking after people, then if this sounds like you, you should consider getting into nursing. When you get into the field of nursing the opportunities that await you are immense. For example, you could end up being a nurse in charge and potentially leading a small team, or you could end up in hospital or practice management or leadership.

Making the Decision to Pursue a Second Career

dedicated nurseDeciding to have a second career does not have to be that big a decision. If you have had enjoyment out of your first career and if you have enjoyed the highs but still feel you have more to give then a second career is right for you. Making the decision and then acting on it are easy things to do. Committing your time and energy to making it happen is a little bit harder, but if you are truly passionate and dedicated, then nothing should stand in your way. 

Why Nursing Is the Right Option

The nursing profession is flexible: you can be a general nurse, or you can choose to go down a specialist route. Nursing is a good option for you as a second career if you enjoy caring for people, and if you enjoy making a change. Good nurses can change the experience that patients have when recovering from an accident or illness, and, as recovery is important for patients of all ages why would you not you share your passionate and caring nature. 

You Are Never Too Late to Learn

There is a misconception around that needs to be squashed sooner rather than later and this is that you are too old, or too late in life to learn, and too set in your ways to make changes. If you are ready and willing to learn, and your mind is open to new processes and information, then there is certainly no set age criteria as to when you must stop learning. 

Studying Flexibly and Online

online learningLearning and studying online and flexibly gives you more control over your learning and this is essential especially if you are undertaking an intensive or accelerated degree, such as the ones in nursing offered by Elmhurst University Online, which allow you to train to be a nurse in under two years. When you have commitments such as family to maintain and uphold, then you need to study online as it frees you up a little bit more. Studying at a physical location can take up more time and energy, which can ultimately be frustrating, and can lead to burnout, especially if you find yourself constantly rushing to classes and lectures. 

How to Make Distance Learning Work for You

If you are new to distance learning from home, or you have had some experience in the past, you will be aware that learning from home requires dedication, time and hard work. A lot of people believe that because you are studying from the comfort of your own home that you are not needing to or having to work as hard as if you were on a physical campus, but this is simply not true. When you study from home via distance learning you must be dedicated and highly organized as you must create time for your studies. Learning from home can be isolating, especially if you pick the wrong educational provider, and therefore it is important to pick an educational provider that cares about you as a student, that supports you and offers you guidance and advice when you need it. 

Characteristics of a Good Nurse

No two nurses look the same but how they act and the characteristics they share is what makes them a good nurse. Typically, a good nurse is patient and focused on good patient care. A good nurse understands that the patient is a real person with feelings and emotions and not just a number who they are working with. Good nurses are always professional, and they always strive for high levels of care and aftercare for patients and those around them. When you are studying you will see that although no two nurses act the same or look the same, what they do have in common is their approach and attitude to good, if not outstanding care. 

Getting Started and Undertaking a Clinical Placement

Clinical-PlacementDuring studying and before landing a job, there comes a time when you must put your knowledge into practice, and this is called a clinical placement. Your placement can be a nerve-wracking time, especially if you have never been in a caring environment such as a hospital before. A placement gives you a real chance and opportunity to get that first-hand experience that you will not have had before and so the importance of getting the right placement cannot be underestimated. A good placement can open doors and opportunities for you, and a good educational provider will be able to set-up your placement on your behalf to ensure that you get the most out of your time as possible. 

Find The Job of Your Dreams

After your hard work studying, and after completing a placement it is now time to find that job of your dreams. Landing a job is not difficult, it is the easier part of the process you have undertaken so far. To ensure that you get the job and career that you deserve you must have a resume that gets noticed. Even within the nursing industry, competition for good jobs is fierce, so it is vitally important that your resume looks and sounds brilliant. If your resume does not command or demand attention, then it needs working on, either by you or a professional resume writer. Your resume must stand out and it must get noticed to be read and subsequently shortlisted. 

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