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sex reassignment

Sex reassignment surgery may be one of the most important decisions that you make in your entire life. There is nothing worse than living in a body that you don’t feel like belongs to you. However, it is not as simple as getting a tooth pulled, or fixing a broken bone. It is a complex procedure that will change you forever. For many people, a successful sex reassignment is a wonderful thing. But the cost is not cheap. In the USA, a procedure like this can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, this leaves many people with very few options. But there is hope, and gender reassignment in Thailand is it. Particularly in Bangkok, sex reassignment surgery is much cheaper, and the city is noted for its expertise in this area.

Why Bangkok?

sex reassignment

There are many good reasons to go to Bangkok for such a procedure. One reason that appeals to many people who are considering the operation is the public perception. In Bangkok, sex change surgery is fairly common, and does not carry the negative stigma that it can in the US or the UK. In fact, that is one of the reasons it is so popular for patients to travel there. Sex reassignment surgery in Bangkok is not only normal; it is also very affordable compared with western countries.

In addition to medical procedures, Bangkok is an all-around amazing city to visit, and is home to ancient temples, delicious street food, shopping malls, parks, museums, and more. Believe me, it’s worth the visit!

How much does it cost?

The precise cost of your operation will depend on exactly what changes you would like made to your body. Each person is different, and will have different needs to obtain the appearance that they have in mind. However, to give an example, if you are a male who wants a gender reassignment, a designer vagina that costs almost $9,000 in the USA, costs only $2,700 in Thailand. That’s over $6,000 in savings! In fact, across the board, for cosmetic surgery, prices average at about 70% lower than they do at home. Bangkok sex change surgery cost is extremely low, and if you are seriously considering the operation, Thailand is well-worth thinking about.

Where should I go for my procedure?

If you are in need of a sex change procedure, Thailand is full of quality options like Yanhee hospital, conveniently located in downtown Bangkok. In operation since 1984, Yanhee hospital has been providing patients with excellent care in its clean and modern facilities. With patients coming in from over 164 different countries, they are well-versed at working with foreigners to make their body image dreams come true.

How can I schedule an appointment?


Ready to book your Bangkok sex reassignment surgery? Folks at Medical Departures provide comprehensive reviews, before and after pictures, full list of procedures, pricing, and much more. Still have some questions? No problem. You can speak with their customer support representatives. They are available to speak with you and help you get the answers you need 24 hours a day.

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