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Four diseases a person above 40 is usually prone to

How ageing make us prone to diseases

Our body ages with time. The older we get various bodily functions are disrupted. Some suffer from metabolic disorders like diabetes, while others find it difficult to keep anxiety away. A number of physiological changes are happening inside the body with ageing. Some of these cause diseases that require management and treatment. Here are some of the most common ailments that a person above 40 is prone to.

Weak bones and joints

This condition is more prevalent in females. Women going through menopause and those having reached the stage beyond it suffer from decreasing calcium levels in the blood. This causes weakening of the bones and joints. Osteoporosis and arthritis are some of the common diseases women need to deal with when they hit the age of 40. Some may avoid this situation till much later with good diet, exercise and an active lifestyle. But, most of the women manage their life with weakness in the bones and joints.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure is one of the most common medical conditions prevalent among the elderly all over the world. There will hardly be any person above 40 who is not prescribed blood pressure medications. The causes of high blood pressure can be many. One is attributed to the hardening of arteries with ageing. This makes blood flow difficult, leading to high blood pressure.

Obesity is another reason that causes the constriction of blood vessels leading to an increase in blood pressure. Another cause of high blood pressure is related to hormone Angiotensin II production. With old age, the body increases the production of this hormone, which is responsible for the constriction of blood vessels.


Not exactly after 40, but the loss of memory and cognition is a characteristic of people having reached old age. There is a loss of balance due to weak bones and bad posture too. People suffering from dementia find it difficult to remember things and they struggle with memory issues as well. Sometimes, they ask the same question again and again or reiterate the same anecdote without their knowledge.


Though this disease has started affecting very young people too, still, this medical condition is quite common with the ageing population. The disrupted production of the insulin hormone is responsible for this medical condition. When not controlled, it may even cause organ failure. There are two types of diabetes – type I and type II. Over and under-production of Insulin form the basis of this differentiation.

Happy old age is possible when people start preparing for it from early in life. Having good food habits, an active lifestyle and peaceful living are some necessary ingredients that can help one transition into old age smoothly. The absence of any one of these makes people above 40 prone to diseases; understanding the cause is essential for taking the correct treatment.

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