Fat Reduction VS Weight Loss: What would you prefer going for?

Fat Reduction VS Weight Loss

If you asked 90 percent of the people in the world why they worked out their answer would be to lose weight. Sure, some individuals would say it is to get in shape and look better; but, 90 percent of the time, any individual’s gym goal is to lose weight. And, there really is nothing wrong with this, as it can give you the motivation and stride that you need to achieve many successes. However, just because you are hopping on the scale and seeing a decrease of three pounds or more, it doesn’t really mean that your hard work is paying off the right way. In fact, you could be impeding your progress. This is where fat reduction and weight loss come into play. So few individuals truly understand the difference between these two components.

Properly Testing The Body Fat

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If you really want to reduce your fat, you are going to have to know your body fat percentage. And, the only way to figure out this information is by performing a body fat test. This will also give you the ability to set a safe and realistic goal for your body fat reduction. For instance, if you are a female that weighs around 150 and you are at 35 percent body fat, you are carrying around 52 pounds of fat. Most healthy woman should carry anywhere from 25 to 27 percent body fat.

So, what if you lost twenty pounds, but only 10 of those pounds came from your fat reserves? This means that you would have literally lost weight, but your body fat percentage would have probably only dropped to right around 32 percent or so.

Know That Dehydration Is Not Fat Reduction

Any professional at Coolsculpting will tell you that dehydration and a cut back on water weight isn’t the same as losing actual body fat. Most of these fast track diet plans usually show promising results because they involve cutting out all carbs. Since carbs retain three time as much water in the body when you cut them out, your body is literally losing tons of water. Sure, your exterior will look toner, slimmer, and in better shape, but have you ever wondered why these promising results are always so short lived? It has a lot to do with the fact that muscles are seventy percent water. With this significant reduction in water, your muscles will begin to dehydrate and you will lose muscle mass.

This throws the whole metabolism and insulin resistance out of whack, which will come back to haunt you when you start eating normally again.

Losing Fat The Healthy Way

fitnessIf you want to lose fat the healthy way and keep it off, you are going to have to do some research of consult a professional trainer. While doing cardio alone will make you lose weight, it will come right back when you stop. Plus, you are just going to look like a smaller version of yourself before. If you want to look right and be healthy you need to incorporate strength training as well. This will give you the muscle tone and look that you are trying to achieve.

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