Fasting And Feasting Diabetes Management: Here Is How To Do It


Diabetes management comes with its own set of challenges and precautions. Many people live wrongly under the idea that only cutting down on sugar will keep your diabetes in check when, in fact, there are many other aspects that come into the picture. Fasting and feasting diabetes management is not easy.  Especially when talking about keeping your sugar levels in control, diabetes patients still need a long way to go before they are fully aware of what is good for their body and what is not.

Fasting and feasting diabetes management is more important than anything else. Living in a religion-influenced country like India is synonymous to being subjected to fasting and feasting occasionally, and, therefore, this article is penned down to educate the masses about what a diabetic patient is likely to undergo during this period, and how to manage diabetes.

Diabetes during fasting:


It is not an unknown fact that many religions do encourage their devotees to fast for a particular period of time in order to exhibit their love for their God. In addition to that, people fast for personal reasons too.

However, given their physical condition, diabetically ill patients are exempted from fasting in most religions. How to manage diabetes during fasting is a great task. Having said that, a diabetic person needs to follow a certain protocol for diabetes management if they decide to fast despite their exemption.

  • Decide to fast only with the consultation of your doctor, provided that you have a controlled diabetes with no prior case of hypertension or surgery.
  • If permitted, keep taking your medicines all through the duration of the fast. If not, then you may need to change the dosage timings of your medicines as per your fasting period.
  • Even while you are fasting, ensure that you regularly keep a check of your blood glucose levels. This is important since you need to keep an eye on your insulin and blood glucose all throughout the day.
  • Don’t hesitate to break your fast if your blood glucose level rises or drops. No reason for fasting is more important than
  • Resort to consuming high sugary drinks and fruits immediately after breaking your fast.

Diabetes during feasting:

Grill-your-snacksIt is not just diabetic people but everyone as well who enjoys having a delicious meal. True that diabetes does keep you from consuming certain delicious foods,  but you are not at a total loss! One needs to understand the correct way of how to manage diabetes while feasting. There can be some changes made in order to keep your meal or snack healthy, and also delicious enough to satisfy your taste buds. You don’t always need to consume bitter foods to keep your health and diabetes management in check.

  • Grill your snacks instead of deep-frying them. Consult your doctor in order to be very sure of what you can eat and what not.
  • Reduce the number of helpings you take and also their size. This will go a long way in keeping your sugar levels in control.
  • As long as you are on regular medication, there is little to no chance of your sugar levels going beyond control. Therefore, never skip your medicines, especially while feasting.
  • Choose snacks and eatables that are low in fats and sugar, and have been cooked in a minimum amount of oil.

Other measures of Fasting and Feasting Diabetes Management:

regular touch with your doctor

  • Keep in regular touch with your doctor, especially when you subject your body to feasting and fasting.
  • Make sure you manage your daily sugar intake well. If you are tempted to eat sweets, do it as a replacement for any other sugary food you regularly eat on a daily basis.
  • One important step of diabetes management is to plan your meals beforehand. Speaking of fasting and feasting diabetes management, when attending a feast or dinner party, start with salads and healthy foodstuffs so that you don’t end up eating a lot of the ‘unhealthy’ options on the menu out there.


 sugary-foodThe above measures and effects are not all when it comes to fasting and feasting issues, not only in the country but also all over the world. There are many more aspects that come into play.

So, how to manage diabetes? Your regular lifestyle habits, your genetic makeup, history or any other illnesses, and how well you maintain your diet and eating habits all do have important roles to play in determining how a diabetic you respond to feasting and fasting.

Having said that, with the necessary care and precautions once can be assured that your insulin levels will remain in check and you will no longer be subject to physical health issues all by virtue of fasting and feasting diabetes management.

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