Factors that make HGH therapy beneficial for physique conscious folks

HGH or human growth hormone is a hormone consisting of 191 amino acids, produced by the pituitary gland. Our liver converts it into growth factors which helps in cell regeneration, maintains healthy tissues of the brain and vital organs. HGH is responsible for youth, strength, energy and decreasing fat levels. With age, HGH production decreases significantly.

Let’s look at the factors which make HGH therapy beneficial for physique conscious folks.

Increase of muscle strength

muscle strength

HGH may improve the physical capacity by stimulating the collagen synthesis of the skeletal tendons and muscle, thus increasing the muscular strength leading to better results for exercise performance. Studies have shown that HGH also increases the exercise capacity and improves body composition and thermoregulation. Any individual who wants to supplement HGH artificially can do so at a clinic which specializes in HGH therapy.

Fractures heal better

Administration of HGH is one of the factors which speed up the regeneration of bone, thus making it a key factor in healing bones, especially the growth factor IGF-1. HGH is crucial in the healing of wear and tear and repairs wounds and injuries significantly.

Increases lean body mass

Studies have shown that HGH therapy along with exercise increases the lean body mass by approx 5lbs during a period of 26 weeks. This is beneficial for those who exercise regularly as they can achieve better results with HGH.

Helps lose weight

lose weight

HGH accelerates the process of lipolysis. With dietary restrictions wherein obese individuals follow a restricted calorie diet, HGH has been seen to increase weight loss by 1.6 times, and visceral fat was noted to be in the highest degree, while gaining lean body mass. Thus, HGH can be used as a therapy for obese individuals, helping them to lose weight.

Stronger bones

The HGH stimulates the production of IGF-1, produced in the liver and is released in the blood, especially during puberty. As we grow older, this production slows down and affects older individuals, as they are not able to replace or form bones rapidly. HGH therapy stimulates forming bones and bone cells, which increases bone mass. Thus, HGH therapy can benefit older individuals and help them lead an active, healthy life. HGH therapy is also beneficial to those who are concerned with building a good physique as strong bones are required for strenuous exercising.

HGH leads to better cognitive function and mood

HGH improves psychological well-being when it is administered to GH deficient adults. A study found that HGH improved concentration, cognitive function and mood after six months of HGH therapy. 

HGH induces sleep

Cheerful girl sleeping in her bed

Many people who are sleep deprived face a decrease in the natural production of HGH and their sleep cycle too is affected. HGH therapy can help them in sleeping better.

Studies have proved the benefit of HGH therapy in increasing energy levels, lean muscle and bone mass, hair growth, stronger bones and exercise performance. Better sleep and mood and reduced cardiovascular risk are some more benefits of HGH.

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