Effective home remedies for back pain you should know

back pain

Back ache is a common complaint, and both old and young are likely to suffer from it. This issue is so common that more than 90% of individuals suffer from it at some point of time. The problem may be severe or chronic and has various causes like bad posture, wrong lifting techniques, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise or some kind of medical condition. Medical intervention is needed when the problem is severe but you can always try out home remedies for back pain. Natural treatment for back discomfort brings about relief from the pain in a safe manner without causing any side effect.

It is time to buy a new mattress

right mattress

If back ache is your common complaint and you are unable to sleep well at night, you need to reconsider the mattress you are using. It may be that the pain and discomfort is all due to the poor quality mattress you are using. If the back is not getting proper support then it will take a toll on your back. Buy a new one as per your needs and convenience.

Workout your core muscles

At times weak core muscles are the main culprit behind back ache. The core muscles are the muscles around the pelvis and trunk. You can do certain exercises to work your core. If core muscles are strong, there will be no back injury. Core workout must involve the exercise of abdominal muscles. Choose among exercises like planks, crunches and others.

Heat and cold therapy

Looking to treat back ache in your home? Healthcare at home is important before you move to some physical therapist for back ache relief. Use cold compress and heat treatment to relieve the muscles and alleviate the pain. Heat must be used every 24 hours and cold compress should be used 2-3 times daily for a week. You will notice a great improvement in your back condition. Heat may improve blood circulation on the region while cold compress freezes painful muscles.

Massage therapy is effective treatment


Massage is an effective way to cure painful back and initiate healing. The therapist tries to align your muscles, relieves stiffness to bring about pain relief. When he massages the back, blood circulation towards the region improves to reduce any discomfort. Massage releases endorphins to help in blocking the pain signals.

Stretch hamstrings

At the back of your thighs, there are hamstring muscles that may be the cause behind painful back. Tight hamstrings can stress the back, causing a lot of pain. Stretch your hamstrings to reduce stress from the back. This should be done twice daily.

Use Epsom salt
Epsom salt

It is great to mix Epsom salt to your bath tub water and then soak in your body. Make sure water inside the bath tub is warm. It may reduce swelling and pain at the back. But, you should add 3-4 cups of salt into the bath tub and then soak in for 20-25 minutes to get relief.

When it comes to relieving back ache, good posture is necessary to practice. Back pain treatment options are many. The choice depends on the severity of back condition.

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