Don’t Let Repetitive Strain Weigh You Down – See A Chiropractor!

Repetitive Strain

For many of us, work means doing the same (or similar) tasks day after day, whether sitting at the office, moving furniture into a van, or jackhammering the pavement on a construction site. Even at home, many tend to unwind by either spending hours on the computer, or going out and playing competitive sports. Any of these activities can lead to repetitive strain, a painful injury caused by repeating particular motions, which can affect a number of areas on the body.

Repetitive Strain

Repetitive strain has the potential to really weigh you down, and ensuring that it doesn’t requires a two-pronged approach: prevention and treatment. This article will touch on a few tips and pointers you can practice in your daily life to help prevent repetitive strain, either in the workplace or on your off-hours. As for treatment, it’s best to see a chiropractor, who, in addition to giving you more in-depth tips about preventing repetitive strain, will help correct the underlying cause of your pain.

Here’s an example of a common work situation that can manifest repetitive strain injuries: a job that requires you to sit at an ergonomically incorrect desk for eight hours a day, mentally invested in a computer screen. You might find, after a while, that your neck is stiff and painful. For your overall health and wellbeing, it’s important that you don’t suffer with neck issues any longer at work, instead applying the dual approach to improve the situation and alleviate the pain.


Repetitive Strain

When sitting, changing the static posture loading – that is, leaning from side to side, and front to back every 10 or 15 minutes – as well as standing up frequently, will help prevent repetitive strain, as will sitting properly, with your behind scooted to the back of the chair, and your posture upright. You might consider investing in a lumbar pillow for your lower back as well. Paying closer attention to your posture, and ensuring that you switch up your position regularly will put less strain on your neck. If your job requires frequent heavy lifting, reacquaint yourself with the proper lifting technique and commit to always using that technique.

Visiting a chiropractor will help tackle the underlying issues causing the pain. Since each case is different, you simply can’t rely on an article like this for hard and fast rules, which is why visiting a chiropractor for advice is also a priority. Describe to them your particular work situation, whether it’s sitting at a desk, hauling a wheelbarrow or leaning over an espresso machine all day, and they’ll be able to offer tips on how to minimize strain. Ask them for stretches as well; stretches, like the trapezius stretch, levator scapulae stretch or chin tuck, to name just a few.

Repetitive Strain

It doesn’t matter if a colleague thinks it’s odd that you’re leaning side-to-side at your desk, stretching your neck, or taking time to properly prepare a lift. Your health and comfort is ultimately the most important thing. With some help from a chiropractor, as well as some smart prevention techniques, you can do your job while being comfortable and relaxed.

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