Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Nurse? Six Traits of Great Nurses

Whether you are considering changing your profession or starting a fresh new career as a nurse, there are certain qualities great to have as a nurse. Let us take a look at some of the main characteristics that will help you on your way to becoming a nurse.

Be a Good Communicator

When dealing with people nurses have to talk with all day, it is so important to have good communication skills. You’ll be working not only with patients, but a team of medical professionals too. So, it’s vital that you have the ability to listen and take on board what others say to you – and we’re not just talking about your seniors at work. Listening to patients is very important too – that brings us on to our next point.

Patience for Patients

Nurse Helping Senior Man To Walk

Patience is an unsung hero for healthcare professionals in today’s world, and a little goes a long way to improving communication and understanding between you and your patients. If you’re going to help someone, listening to them is a no-brainer. If you’re to make the right medical decisions, it’s imperative to listen to all the information you can in order to give the best service and care.

Be Empathetic

If you’re interested in nursing already, the chances are you’re a pretty caring person, and that’s wonderful. Empathy is something we could all have a bit more of in our lives, and for the modern school nurse, it is more important than most other qualities. Understanding someone’s pain, frustration, tiredness and sometimes, even anger, will help your patients cope with their medical conditions effectively. By putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, you can understand what they’re going through and build an emotional connection that will help you do your job to the best of your ability.

Do You Have Attention to Detail?

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Attention to detail may seem like something that is required of any job, but in nursing, it can literally be a live or die situation. Observing patients’ symptoms and emotional state, as well as dosage of medicines and routine practices are all examples of where you’d need to pay extra keen-eyed attention. Check and double check.

Finally: Are You Driven?

Being a nurse can be hard at points, like many jobs. But the career is a rewarding one. Your physical endurance will be put to the test, as your shift patterns may change, and you’ll find yourself racking up the mileage by simply being on your feet all day. It’s not for the faint hearted, but with qualities like these, becoming a nurse could be the best career you could dream of.

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