Coming out of an abusive marriage

abusive marriage

Love and relationship do tend to fall apart. The only constant in life is ‘change’. In recent times, relationships and marriages seem to fall apart more often than the share prices. Conflicts and indifferences lead to a failed marriage. It is unavoidable, but there are certain things, which can help a person, heal and move on with positive attitude.Moving out of a failed and an abusive marriage is vital; otherwise it tends to take a toll on your mind, body and soul. Coming out of an abusive relation takes strong determination and willpower; as it is difficult to determine the outcome of the decision. Stop holding on and let go. It takes immense courage to come out of an abusive marriage. Here a few tips to overcome and come out of memories that can hurt you or put your down.

Forgive yourself:


You might feel that getting married in the first place was the biggest mistake. But do not overthink and let this thought affect you. If you intend to be in love in near future; then take a simple step-, forgive yourself and make your mind to move on, mistakes help us learn and grow in life.

Remember the good and the bad:

avoid thinking

We all have different strengths and weaknesses. You may tend to wonder that he or she was perfect, and you were not. Do not let negativity prevail around you. Remember the bad and the good times. This may ease up the process and convince your mind to move on.

Realize the vast potential around:

Start connecting with friends

Our planet comprises of millions of people. Stop living in dilemma that you won’t ever be able to fall in love again. Start connecting with friends, and family. The possibility of you finding a potential lover in near future is endless. Coming out of an abusive marriage is tough, but that should not affect your search to seek solace with someone in the near future.

Remove Memory triggers:


Old pictures and gifts possibly would take you back to the memory lane. Do not let these affect you in any way. Every possible memory trigger should be eliminated to avoid relapse. Do not let these petty things take a toll on your mind and body.Incense sticks can help in bringing around positivity in your home. Move on with a positive attitude and believe that the future would be better than the past.

Control your habits:

eating junk food

When love or a relation does not work out; people usually do not care about their health. Eating junk food and insomnia are a few affects that people experience. Maintain a healthy diet and a workout regime to stop living in endless spiral of despair.

Listen to music:


Do not tend to confuse yourself! Listening to music does not mean getting back to emotional and breakup songs.They will affect you much more than you realize as it enforces old memories in your mind. Listen to the song as you would to a normally do to any other song. Seek uplifting music or just browse the internet to listen to music which you have never heard of. Music has the ability to cure the mind.

Don’t Drink or Do Drugs:

Cocaine Abuse

Drinking or doing drugs to come out of an abusive relation is probably going to make it worse. Drinking increases the sense of grief and fills our heart with sadness. This somehow leads to overthinking; which can lead us to take unwanted steps. Healing is the only option and drinking is the obstruction in its way. Doing drugs can lead to psychological changes in the mind and may alter your approach to certain things in life.

Making your mind to move on isn’t easy, but this is also the start of a new phase in your life; a phase which comprises of happiness, love and affection. Take a brief analysis of the relation and try to learn something out of it. Your strong willpower and inner strength helped you sail this far, and moving on now would be comparatively easier than what you went through. Do not take any un-necessary steps or try to ruin your health in any possible way. Bad times indicate that the good times are about to commence.

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