The importance of space in the relationship between parents and children

relationship between parents and children

Being a parent to a child is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to an individual. It is the process of evolution for both the parents and the child. There are numerous challenges involved in the evolution period. Being a parent is a tedious job; it involves maintaining closer relationships and an open communication with the child during different stages of life.

relationship between parents and children

Every parent-child relationship goes through up’s and down. A lot of work and effort is required to strengthen the relationship between the parent and the child. It goes through various phases of life. There are fights, and arguments; but there are also moments of love, joy and pride. A stronger relationship between the two makes it easier on the parents; as they are inclined to help, listen and even follow directions.

Giving space to your children is an important factor in improving the relationship. Some important factors, which would pump blood back in your relationship, are:

Decision Makers: When children are young, they look up to their parents for every decision. They can be taught how to make a good decision in a few ways. These techniques will help them make bigger choices in life. For Example- You can let them choose their outfit, or even a snack. Make a better bond by giving your children space.

relationship between parents and children

Letting them be on their own: Giving space to your children is a process that would yield immense results in future. It is quite natural for toddlers, and young children to cry in the absence of their parents. As they grow, they should sustain being alone without you. A goodbye ritual would let them know that you are always going to return- no matter what. Getting them to understand the meaning of the space given is important.

They can solve their problems: It is important to give space to your children. At some point in life, children want to solve their own problems. Yes, you are the parent and you make all the decisions. For an instance, your child wants to ride a cycle on its own, let them. These small amounts of freedom given to them will ensure your trust in them.

relationship between parents and children

Tell them what bothers you: Have a few things that bother you? Your resentment can ruin the relationship. Try to communicate to them with respect and gentleness. If they do not eat or study properly, then informing them about the importance of eating and studying can affect their habits. Doing this in the initial years of growth can significantly improve the relation.

Respect their Choices: Children and their choices should be appreciated and respected. Their decision-making skills can be improved by being supportive in the choices they make; even if it is wearing a mismatched shorts and shirt to school.

Alone time: It is vital for children to understand the importance of independence. They need to practice being independent. Some children are clingy, whereas some are not. Get them to understand the meaning of space given to them. Therefore, if you think your child wants to try out something on its own, let them do it. (But not without stating a reason)

relationship between parents and children

Be a friend: Spend time with your children and get to know about their interests, and ideas. Encourage them to share anything with you. Make it a point to spend one day as a family; go for a walk on the beach, play a sport, go for dinners, or watch a flick.

No matter what their age, make it a point to tell your children, you love them. Be it a conflict, or a disagreement; parents should say they love them. It is the most vital part as a parent. This will also ensure them that they are safe and loved. Communication is a tool, which can be used to know about your children, and the ways in which the relationship can be improved. Develop a relationship, which excludes power, and control. Make a better bond by giving your children space.

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