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Get that child some protein: Nutrient rich foods your kids won’t say no to

Protein is an essential macro nutrient that helps in the growth and immunity function of a human body. It is observed that the protein intake of a child needs to be higher than the protein needs of an adult. This is due to the activity level, state of growth and health of the child. Giving a high protein food diet for children would surely help develop a positive balance and thus enabling tissue growth. For a proper muscular development, it is important that you give good amount of high protein foods. This stands as a task for parents, more so if their children are fussy eaters. Here are a list of top protein rich foods that your kids might develop a liking for.


The protein content in an egg is 97% digestible hence it would be easy on your kids stomach. An egg contains 7 grams of protein which no doubt would be the easiest way to supplement your child’s food with. Go ahead and experiment with various dishes with egg. Add eggs to mashed potatoes, meat loaf, casseroles, macaroni and cheese, cooked cereal or chicken salad. They taste delicious. You can also add them to pancake batter or make a yummy french toast. Bear in mind that you should not add raw egg to uncooked items. Instead use egg substitutes to the uncooked items to make milkshakes.


Shrimps are highly packed with selenium, vitamins D, B3 and B12, omega 3s, and other minerals. Shrimps can be easily cooked and are versatile. Let your child enjoy this special candy of sea with ketchup and various delicious sauces. Put them in his burger and you have accomplished the task of supplementing your child’s food with high protein shrimp without him/her kicking up a fuss.

Orange roughy

Your kids will surely love to feast on this fish. It is a naturally attractive orange color and has less odor compared to the rest of the fishes. What’s more, it does not taste traditionally fishy too!

But it is advised that you know some of the side effects that this fish could have on your child’s health and decide if this can go into his diet. There can be mercury contamination in the fish which can affect your child. Your child might develop a condition called selenosis which has symptoms like hair loss, lethargy, bad breath and nerve damage. Having this fish in more than required quantity may result in weight gain and high cholesterol levels.

Children and men in the age group of 6 and 12 years can eat orange roughy no more than once a month. Women can consume 2 meals of orange roughy in a month without concern. Children below the age of 6 years should further reduce intake to 1/2 serving of orange roughy per month.


Lentils are a veggie’s favorite as they are powerfully packed with high protein content. They are relatively cheaper compared to meat and also are very helpful in the rehabilitation process for slightly malnourished kids. Puree lentils with a few vegetables, and mix them with olive oil for a lip smacking dip. Add them to Italian pasta dishes by replacing beef with lentils.

Chicken breast

In most homes, frozen chicken food is quiet common. Call it nuggets, tenders or fingers, they all definitely fit into any home’s freezer. But a healthier option to provide your kids with high protein food in the form of chicken breast is to purchase your own breast meat. You can make a home made fast food just by dipping the chicken breast in Worcestershire sauce and olive oil. Roll it in dry shredded Parmesan and bread crumbs. Bake it and your kids will love them.


Salmon is power packed with omega3 fatty acids that are good for the heart. Throw in a lot of options for little ones by offering varied types of sauces like fresh salsa, tartar sauce and teriyaki sauces along with the salmon. Your kids will love the spread.

Lean beef

As long as the beef is lean and is not processed you can consider giving lean beef to your kid as it has a good amount of nutrients like iron and protein. Discover the inner carnivore of your child by serving meat balls, satay sticks and burgers that have lean beef.


Soybeans have a very high nutritional value. They contain nearly 40 percent protein. Soybeans stand as the richest, cheapest and the easiest way to provide high protein food to your kids. Soybeans can be consumed in the form of milk, curries or on a vegetable burger with ketchup. You can rest assured that your child is taking a good, rich protein diet with intake of soybeans.


Cheese serves as one of the most kid friendly snacks. It gives a boost to the energy levels of your child and keeps him/her active. Depending on the type of cheese, the protein content varies from 20-35 percent. You can platter up cheese by cutting into fun shapes and garnish it with fruits. Your kids would love popping cheese as you have made it more colorful to the eye. Some people might be prone to migraine attacks soon after consuming cheese. If you notice any signs of migraine in your child, it is better to avoid consumption of cheese.


Yogurt is very rich in protein as it has got all the amino acids that a body would require to function properly. It is much easier to digest than milk. It acts as a good source of calcium and helps boost immunity of your child. Give your child different flavored yogurt and you will soon see that your child enjoys eating yogurt. You can also prepare yummy after dinner desserts by topping up a small glass of chilled yogurt with fruit crushes. These would be a all time hit with your kids.

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