Celiac Disease Real Stories

Celiac Disease*: Real Stories

Real stories are personal stories shared by members of the DIYHealth community. These are stories of hope and triumph over a medical condition, inspiring us to stay the course.

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1. The revelation

For the last two years I had been observing my body destroying from the inside out. I had a history of gastritis and my insides remained on fire all the time. Over a span of 6 months, this gastritis had evolved into fever, sharp pain that stabbed the right side of my abdomen constantly. Finally I was run through various blood tests, neurological tests and bowl tests too. Initially doctors thought I was suffering from leaky gut syndrome and it was later on when my condition deteriorated further that they observed me for a week and finally concluded I had Celiac. Now I have been strictly put on a gluten free diet. I know how difficult it can get, especially when you have a travelling job that keeps you on the run always. I have got accustomed to it with quiet an effort and I have resolved to spread more awareness about the Celiac disease among people so that they don’t suffer as much as I did. 

2. Fine Sunday morning turning into a nightmare

What is the worst condition a person could find himself in? Well, for me it was when I could not discover the reason for my consistent weight loss for a long time, despite eating well. Then one Sunday morning right after breakfast, a grave pain was onset in my lower gut so bad that I wasn’t able to handle it. On my first visit to the doctor, he gave me some iron and calcium supplements, thinking I am too frail and hence the ache. I took the supplements for a month and again no relief and finally went for blood tests and finally it was discovered that I had Celiac. Now my well being was dependent on my food more than medication. I depended on the doctor for the medicines and as far as the diet was concerned, I consider myself a creative cook, who can play with food as required and I have been planning my diets myself. My doctor often complements me and tells me to work with the dieticians to formulate such diets for the benefits of other patients too. 

3. Journey of the banana baby

I was declared a banana baby even before I was 1 year old and immediately after that doctors declared I had Celiac Disease and everything except bananas had to be eliminated from my diet. I lost good amounts of weight and then slowly and steadily solid was introduced in my diet. Despite all careful measures taken by the doctors, I kept losing weight. Finally my parents ended up taking me to another doctor who gave me celiac. I started gaining weight again and this made my mom re introduce wheat in my diet. Once again I started losing weight despite over eating and also developed red pimples all over my body and face my mother finally understood that I was suffering from Celiac and that my diet needs careful attention. Since that time she resolved to keep me healthy and safe against weight loss. 

4. My ill fated holiday meal

I am 32 years old and I have suffered 8 years of unpleasant symptoms before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Headaches, earaches and stomach aches along with chronic constipation made doctors think I had Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The final warning came when I was on a holiday, enjoying my meal when I was taken ill and to make things worse I took a toast after sometime, which made me collapse. My doctor finally found that I was gluten intolerant and was suffering from Celiac Disease. He immediately sent me to a dietician who planned out an excellent diet menu consisting of plain food including rice, meat, vegetables and fruit. For a person who loves eating out, it became a difficult challenge to put out friends and family. Over the years I have learnt how to exercise control and no longer keep myself sitting at home, I go out and enjoy my packed meals. 

5. My encounter with the disease

They told me it’s all in my head and I would just not pay attention to what they said. There is a predisposed history of autoimmune problems that run in my family and I already suffered from diverticulitis, high blood pressure, severe migraine, etc. Of late my body had become gluten intolerant and that is when I first started suspecting that I had Celiac Disease. Often I would Google search on topics related with gluten intolerance. I started reading extensively about the causes, the symptoms and the treatment for Celiac Disease and would tell my parents I suffered from it. They would never listen to me. It was when I started losing weight rapidly; despite having a good appetite that my parents suspected something was amiss. My analysis and their suspicion both proved correct, when the doctor verified I had Celiac disease. It’s had been almost 3 years now and with the help of my doctors advise and my own intrigue I manage to keep myself away from the misery of the disease. 

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