Cause, prevention and treatment of Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris is a common, gentle skin disorder that has its effect on adolescents and adults.The skin disorder is identified by small, rough, red tiny bumps in large numbers that appear on the cheeks, upper arms, buttocks and thighs.


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The cause of Keratosis Pilaris is the buildup of protein called Keratin that prevents the skin from infections and other harmful things. The cause of the buildup isn’t exactly known.Thebuild-upsblock the opening of hair follicle thereby forming a plug that results in the red bumps.Keratosis Pilaris is more likely to affect people having dry skin. The skin condition worsens in the winter due to less moisture in the air and gets clear in summers. Apart from this, Keratosis Pilaris also affect people suffering from certain skin disorders such as eczema.


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As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”, those experiencing Keratosis Pilaris must keep their skin moist as it lessens the effect thereby helping in the reduction of bumps. In order to keep your skin comfortable, you must avoid scratching the bumps and apply a thick moisturizer gently over the skin. Another way to ease out the skin is by limiting your time in water and using warm water during baths insteadof hot water.These preventive measures can make the red bumps less noticeable.


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Keratosis Pilaris has no cure but it may clear with time, without any treatment.All that is required is regular care and maintenance by using creams and moisturizing lotions for a better feel and if the bumps are strong, you may use prescriptions including lubricants, gentle exfoliation, lactic or glycolic acids.

Mostly, it is seen that two different products when used on the affected skin directly delivers improved results in treating Keratosis Pilaris. All you need to do is apply these products for several weeks for seeing long lasting results.

Adults can try topical exfoliants that include creams containing urea, lactic acid, alpha-hydroxy acid and salicylic acid or use topical retinoids rich in vitamin A to prevent clogging of the hair follicles. These exfoliants and retinoids may cause burningsensation or redness on the skin therefore, are not recommended for children and pregnant women.

Keratosis Pilaris is a mild skin disorder usually seen in patients having dry skin. Although, the skin infection has no cure but if treated with daily moisturizers and lotions, effective results can be seen with time.

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