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PRP Treatment

Many factors cause hair thinning or baldness in both women and men. The United States has reported over 70 million cases of baldness and hair thinning. Some result from genetics, while others from underlying conditions. Hair loss or baldness is a key cause of low self-esteem and mockery. Unfortunately, some people have given up on trying to solve the problem and have decided to live with it. This is after trying different products available in the market to no avail. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. LIVV Natural Health professionals can help restore your hair by using the PRP treatment method. This article analyzes how the experts use the PRP approach to promote hair growth and its effectiveness. 

What is PRP Treatment?

PRP TreatmentPRP (Platelet-rich plasma) hair restoration technique restores hair that has been lost as a result of androgenetic alopecia. This is a condition that causes the shrinking of the hair follicles. In men, this condition is referred to as pattern baldness. PRP is a modern approach recently introduced to help improve hair growth.

To learn how the PRP approach works in promoting hair growth, you must first understand the role of platelets in healing. Platelets play a key role in healing. They are part of the blood along with other components such as white blood cells and red blood cells.Whenever one is wounded the platelets stops the bleeding and enhance healing.

According to health experts, injecting concentrated platelets to injured body parts speeds up healing. The medical professionals produce PRP by removing a blood sample and putting it into a centrifuge machine. The device rotates rapidly, hence separating blood constituents. That way, the doctor can extract platelets for injecting the injured areas.

PRP has a wide range of proteins and growth factors that trigger the repair of damaged tissues. Hair loss can result from damaged hair follicles. Therefore, PRP method can help the hair grow again. It achieves this by reversing the androgenetic alopecia process.Note, for patients who have lost all their hair or most of their hair, they will need multiple injections.Today, PRP is a widely used method for restoring hair growth. It may feel uncomfortable for people with very sensitive skins, but the process is safe. Additionally, it has no side effects. Besides, the experts use the approach to treat ligaments, muscles, and tendons injuries. This method helps most athletes since they are prone to injuries from sporting activities. 

How effective is PRP?

PRP hair growth approach is preferred since it is safe and has no side effects apart from minor bruises and irritation on the scalp. Unlike other hair growth methods that use unnatural solutions and harsh chemicals, PRP does not contain any chemical. The solutions used in other hair growth options irritate and even damage an individual’s scalp. Still, other prominent approaches such as Rogaine seem to be effective, and only a small percentage of people who undergo it gets positive results.

As for the PRP, it’s accurate and delivers what it promises provided it’s done by a skilled professional. Options like Propecia are related to many severe side effects. Another popular option is hair transplant surgery. It’s not only expensive, but it’s slow.So, people opt for safer and natural alternative such as PRP. The latter involves extracting one’s blood and re-injecting it on their scalp to promote hair growth. This process is aimed at helping your body to reproduce healthy hair on its own without introducing any chemical. 

Procedure for treating Hair loss using PRP method

PRP TreatmentBelow are steps used to treat hair loss using PRP approach;

  • The doctor extracts blood from the patient’s arm
  • The sample of the blood is kept in a centrifuge (machine)
  • The machine rotates and separates the blood constituents
  • The medical professional then uses a syringe to collect platelets
  • The platelets are then introduced into the scalp on targeted areas
  • They inject platelets because of their ability to trigger healing to damaged hair follicles.

This process is simple and fast. A skilled health profession only takes an hour or so.After undergoing through the process, you can wash your head with warm water to improve the flow of blood and speeds up the healing process. However, avoid using oils and head sprays that may irritate the scalp. Also, avoid subjecting your scalp to excess heat from the blow dryer.Note, this procedure does not prevent patients from resuming their normal activities. 

How often should one go for PRP hair loss treatment?

Unfortunately, PRP does not cure the conditions that trigger hair loss. So, if you go for PRP treatment just once, chances are you will lose the hair again since the underlying cause is still active. For that reason, it’s recommended that patients should go for several PRP treatments to maintain their newly acquired hair. How often one should go for the treatment depends on the patient’s condition. Some lose all their hair while others experience hair thinning. People with complete baldness may require PRP treatments often than patients with hair thinning.

For extreme cases, injections after every 3-6 months are recommended. The best thing is that this treatment is natural and risk-free. However, they are a few mild side effects related to PRP hair loss treatment. They include:

  • Itching of the scalp
  • Headaches
  • Scalp tenderness
  • Mild pain at the injection site
  • The injection site may experience temporary bleeding 

Why go for PRP treatment

PRP TreatmentPRP treatment has multiple benefits, hence it’s worth the effort. It is linked to benefits such as;

1. Promote hair growth

PRP injected on the scalp reduces inflammation that causes loss of hair. So, after treatment, your body produces hair all by itself.

2. Improves tissue healing

Platelets have properties for speeding up healing in case of injuries. After the scalp is injected with platelets, it heals quickly. The procedure speeds up healing in muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Ligaments take longer to heal, making PRP the best option in such a case.

That said, LIVV natural health experts are well-versed with PRP hair loss treatment. Also, they treat other diseases among them Lyme disease. So, if you want to restore your hair growth or your general body health,consult the professionals today to book your appointment.

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