Best Nootropics to Boost Mental Performance

Ginkgo Biloba

Nootropics are substances, which are known to enhance the mental capability of an individual. They’re gaining in popularity today, and it’s easy to see why. They do everything from improving creativity, focus, memory, intelligence and even motivation. However, not all nootropics are created equal. They come with different benefits, so you’ll want to do your research to decide which ones are right for your needs. Here are the best nootropics known to boost mental performance.


If you’ve ever had a cup of tea and felt a nice mental burst, you were experiencing the power of L-theanine. This is a amino acid which is usually found in tea and can be used in a supplement. Believe it or not, L-theanine is known for its calming effect. Unlike other calming agents, L-theanine won’t leave you feeling drowsy and down.

Most supplements include 50 mg, the same quantity found in 2 standard cups of tea. This alone is enough to give a boost to the alpha waves in brain, and that means you’ll see a spike in creativity. You can take it with caffeine for an extra burst.


coffeeWe all rely on our morning cup of coffee to get through the day. What if we could harness the best parts of caffeine to feel that surge of energy throughout the day? We can with caffeine. This psychoactive substance is naturally found in things like tea, coffee, and cocoa, but it’s also added to things like soda and energy drinks.

Caffeine blocks adenosine receptors in our brain and these are the things that make us feel more tired throughout the day. Consuming caffeine supplements increases your alertness and helps you focus. If you’re fatigued, this is what you need.

Bacopa Monnieri

Though the name isn’t easy to pronounce, this herb has been around for a long time. It’s a relic of ancient times, and it’s been used in medicines that improve brain function. Studies show that a Bacopa monnieri supplement speeds up the parts of your brain that process information. This is due to these compounds that are known as bacosides. They save the brain from oxidative stress and assist in processing memories. The only drawback is that these effects are in no way immediate. Doses need to be taken on an ongoing basis for full benefits. 

Panax Ginseng

GinsengAnother ancient medicine is Panax ginseng. This is a medicinal root that, like Bacopa monnieri, also boosts brain function. One of the most significant effects of this medicinal plant is how it’s shown to improve analytical skills. It’s also anti-inflammatory, which also saves the brain from oxidative stress.

However, like other supplements, Panax Ginseng might lose its effectiveness after using it too much over a period of time. It’s best to use it as needed to enjoy the full power of its mental boost.

Ginkgo Biloba

This supplement is extracted from the leaves of the Ginkgo biloba tree. It’s shown to lead to positive brain effects like improved mental processing and memory. It can be taken daily or for six weeks at a time for long-term benefits.

A lot of people take Ginkgo biloba before they undertake a stressful task or activity to decrease levels of stress hormones in the body. This extract also allows more blood to flow to the brain, thus helping with overall mental alertness.


creatineA lot of bodybuilders have already tapped into the power of creatine. That’s because creatine is an amino acid used by your body to make protein. Bodybuilders use this to promote muscle growth, but that’s not the only thing creatine can be used for. It’s also great for your brain.

When you consume creatine, usually through a powder or supplement, it enters your brain. There, it binds with phosphate to make a molecule your brain can utilize to power cells. This delivers a healthy dose of natural energy. It’s shown to be particularly valuable for those who suffer from long-term stress or with dietary restrictions. When using creatine supplements, the ideal amount is around 5 grams a day. The long-term safety of using more on a daily basis is not proven at this time.

These nootropics are gaining in popularity rapidly. It’s easy to see why when so many of us are suffering from fatigue, stress, and low mental energy. These natural substances help us bring out our best brain performance.

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