10 Beauty Tips From a Makeup Artist Who Works With Women Over 40

Beauty Tips From a Makeup Artist

Your beauty doesn’t end in your 30s. As a matter of fact, you can look fresh and attractive well over 40 ‒ Helena Bonham Carter and Zoe Saldana are one of the thousands of living proofs of that statement.

So, doing your makeup in your 20s and in your 40s is the same process ‒ an act of self-care. The only differences are only technical ‒ as your skin ages, you just have to consider some unique aspects of your makeup routine. And it’s not like these differences are widely covered in tutorials or beauty blogs anyway, sadly.

To dive deeper into these aspects, we’ve asked a local makeup artist who has numerous clients over 40 what her advice would be.

Ten makeup tips for aging skin

Without further ado, let’s see what our expert has stored for you.

1. Utilize your blush in the best way possible

Applying blush to the higher portion of your cheeks in an upward motion can help you defy age and everything that comes along. We also need to be highly mindful of how our skin tone might fluctuate over time to decide which undertone colors ‒ warm or cool ‒ suit us the best.

2. Mind your eyebrows

In most cases, we don’t need to pluck or trim our eyebrows as frequently as we did when we were younger. But we also need to start filling in the missing hair, especially at the ends of the brows, also known as tails. You can use a brow gel for that, or even a shadow ‒ just make sure you pick a color that suits your natural look.

As an alternative to daily brow makeup, you can book a San Diego permanent makeup appointment for your brows ‒ it will give you the perfect natural yet refreshing look of the eyebrows.

3. Don’t stop treating your eyelid area well

The eyelid area shape alters over the years, but by applying softer, neutral tones to the lid and beneath the brow arch, you can visually broaden your eyes. Set a moderate to darker eyeshadow tone high enough to make these shadows visible over hooded eye regions.

4. Ditch dry lipstick formulas

The matte long-staying lipstick trends are still popular to some extent, thanks to the marketing and endless beauty tutorials of Kardashian-like makeup. However, it might be a mistake to choose pale lipstick shades without any hint of shine because the color and gloss will enhance your lips’ shape while also keeping them moisturized. The thing is, nude lip style and matte lipsticks can make anybody seem older ‒ this trend might be suitable for younger women without even minor wrinkles in the mouth area.

5. Continue using eyeliner

Because applying eyeliner when your vision is not as sharp as it used to be before is much more complex, many people give up on it. However, eyeliner beautifully defines the eyes. Use an eyeliner with a smudging tool to create a softer effect. This will also alllow you to get away with a less-than-perfect line.

Another choice is to apply eyeliner by rubbing in the eyeliner pencil with an eyebrow brush. The brush makes application much easier to control, producing a lovely, velvety appearance. Using a lighter shade on your lower lashline and a darker shade on your upper eyelid is the ideal color combination.

6. Use a softer brush to apply the foundation

As crucial as the items themselves are, so too is the application procedure. If you want your foundation to smooth out your skin rather than settle into fine wrinkles, try applying it with a soft buffing brush. Due to the fine lines around the mouth, applying lipstick can be difficult and cause lipstick “scabbing.” Applying foundation or concealer around the mouth region with the lips extended wide will provide an additional barrier before applying lipstick.

7. Put eyeshadow in small circles

It makes a huge difference to open up the eye with a soft and lighter hue on the lid and raise the darker shadows higher over the crease.

To apply eyeshadow evenly to the skin of the eyelids, use your eyeshadow brush in tiny circular motions. Sometimes wrinkled sections of the lid might be missed by a windshield wiper motion ‒ this is why circular motions are more preferred.

8. Pay for cream and liquid formulas instead of powders

The best suggestions for aging skin are cream and liquid foundations and blushes. The powder can accumulate in fine wrinkles and highlight them, as well as any patchiness we could have around our eyes. Additionally, it may appear patchy and uneven. Using cream products that have moisturizing components is beneficial since, for the majority of women, our skin tends to become drier as we start aging. They are also reasonably error-proof. It’s easier, to begin with a tiny dab and build up gradually to a delicate, light hue that is attractive.

9. Experiment with different formulas

While you can use any product at any age, some formulas work better with aging skin due to their drier texture and thinner structure.

The thing is, we frequently grow more reactive to makeup components as we start aging. For more sensitive eyes, mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow might cause issues. If a certain product causes allergic reactions or even the smallest irritation, consider switching to another formula.

10. Apply concealer and foundation to minimize redness

Redness comes with age ‒ as your skin gets thinner, capillaries tend to show up on the surface, resulting in red-ish spots. Using a liquid concealer that has great coverage and yet has a light texture is a perfect way to cover up some redness.

The same goes for the foundation:

  • opt for lighter liquid textures;
  • consider using a thick but soft foundation brush;
  • choose the color that matches with the one on your neck.

Don’t go too pale ‒ this will create a more unnatural look while making non-covered spots even more prominent. Going to more yellow shades if you have cold skin undertones is also not a good idea as the contrast will make the focus on even the smallest imperfections.

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