Beauty hacks that are actually harmful to your skin

Beauty hackS

The internet is full of countless appealing beauty hacks that promise you the skin of your dreams. But who is to say that they are all legit solutions to your skin problems? The Internet can be a dark place, everything that you find on the internet might not be true, and the same can be said for beauty hacks.

Below are some beauty hacks that will do more harm than good. You should steer clear of these beauty hacks as they are harmful to your skin.
Using Vaseline for thicker lashes


Many beauty websites claim that using Vaseline on your eyelashes can make them thicker. However, you should not use Vaseline anywhere near your eyes. Petroleum jelly is a great beauty product but using it on your eyelashes can cause milia or acne that results from clogging of pores.

By applying petroleum jelly on your eyelashes, the pores near the lashline get clogged and form small cysts.

Cooking oils to moisturize

cooking oil

While oils are great for hydrating and treating dry skin, you should avoid using cooking oils for the purpose. Cooking oils are heavier in texture in comparison to other oils like coconut oils. It can clog your pores and result in problems like acne and blackheads.

Dental floss to get rid of blackheads


Using dental floss to remove blackheads? You can tell it isn’t going to work just by the sound of it. A beauty guru suggests using disposable dental floss to remove blackheads by scraping it on your nose. While it may remove oil from your nose, it might not do so much for blackheads.

Dental floss can break the delicate blood vessels in your nose which will result in red and bruised looking nose.

Lemon and baking soda to get rid of dark underarms

baking soda

You must have studied about acids and bases in school and you must be aware of the reaction when the both are combined. Lemon is acidic and baking soda is basic in nature and if you mix both of them and apply it on your underarms, you could end up burning the delicate skin of your underarms and cause rashes.

Toothpaste to treat acne


Acne is a common problem that most of us have to face at some point in our life. However, it is very difficult to get rid of acne which is why the internet is bursting at its seams with home remedies to treat acne fast. You need to be careful while dealing with acne as the facial skin is sensitive and thin.

Toothpaste is meant for hard surface of teeth and it is obvious that is not suitable for the soft skin of the face. Applying toothpaste on acne can result in dry and irritated skin.

Deodorant as primer


Another crazy trick that was discovered was using deodorant as a face primer. Just like we mentioned, the skin of the face is delicate and you should practice caution when experimenting on your face.

Deodorant is meant to keep your underarms dry and contain chemicals along with aluminum salts.  Using it on your face can cause your skin to get irritated, red, patchy, and flaky. Resort to some other way of keeping your skin dry and avoid applying deodorant to the face.

Nail polish on cold sores


Applying nail polish to control cold sores is another beauty hack that you should most definitely avoid. Cold sores are caused by a virus which needs medical attention to keep the infection from spreading; applying nail polish on it will only irritate them further.

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