Beat the heat with these Summer Workouts

Summer Workouts

When the summer heat starts sizzling, it doesn’t mean that your workout routine needs to suffer. There are plenty of awesome ways to continue your physical activity regime despite the high temperatures outside.



Swimming is one of the best total body workouts out there and burns an insane amount of calories. Of course, calorie burnt depends on the style of swimming, intensity, duration, and the person’s current weight. But, on average, someone weighing between 130 and 150 pounds can burn between 400 and 600 calories an hour swimming freestyle. Why does swimming offer such an intense workout? Because, it requires you to use every muscle in your body and the water itself offers resistance, adding to your results. Most swimming styles require you to use your arms, legs, and core in order to move through the water. Swimming also strengthens your lungs and heart. 

When the sun is blazing outside, people are looking for an excuse to cool down and hit the water, so why not capitalize on this and incorporate a workout into your pool time? You can swim in an outdoor pool or indoor pool at the gym. You can even swim in the ocean or a nearby lake or river. It’s important to consider safety first. If you’re not a strong swimmer, make sure you don’t swim alone. It’s also best to swim in a pool or other controlled environment. When you swim outside in a large body of water, the elements can affect things. Mother nature is unpredictable. You may encounter riptides or large waves in the ocean, or wildlife, boats, and other distractions in other open waters. Only swim in these bodies of water if you’re an experienced, strong swimmer, and even then, do so with extreme caution.

Indoor Activities

If water sports aren’t your thing but you’re still looking to get in a quality sweat sash despite the heat outdoors, take your workout inside. Joining a gym is the perfect way to keep up with your exercise regime during the summer heat. Gyms offer a wide variety of equipment including free weights, weight benches, cardio machines, TRX ropes, and medicine balls. You can work every muscle you need to in the comfort of an air conditioned facility. If you enjoy running, for the time being you’ll need to trade your road run for a run on a treadmill or elliptical. Most gyms also offer a wide range of different classes to mix-up your exercise regime. Do you enjoy bike riding but need a break from the intense heat? Try a spin class. You can probably find other classes at your local gym ranging from kickboxing and step to bar and pilates.



This water sport is a favorite among many, not only because it’s fun but it’s also an awesome workout. Surfing takes extreme core strength, balance, and coordination. Surfing is considered an aerobic workout for several reasons. When you’re paddling out to where the waves are, you’re using your arm muscles, core, and elevating your breathing, which adds elements of a low intensity cardio workout. The real workout happens when you’re up on the board, leaning and shifting your weight on the board. In an attempt to balance, surfers must use their abdominal muscles to transfer weight between the arms and legs. You’re also fighting against the force of the water at times. Surfing, like any sport, takes practice. But when the sun is shining and the heat makes it difficult for outdoor activities, water sports offer an oasis. If you’re looking for an intense upper body workout that keeps you cool, try water skiing or wakeboarding. Both activities will work your arm, back, and core muscles.


Yoga offers so many benefits that you can take advantage of all year long. If you normally enjoy doing yoga outdoors, try doing it early in the morning when temperatures are cooler. You can also take your yoga session to the beach and cool off in the water afterward. But if you’re someone who can’t imagine performing any type of intense workout when the thermometer outside is approaching triple digits, stick with something that’s low intensity, like yoga. Yoga classes are surprisingly beneficial and challenging. You’ll not only increase your flexibility over time, but you’ll be working your core, arms, and legs as you navigate the different poses. Yoga also offers mental and emotional clarity and calmness. The slow-pace and relaxing atmosphere make yoga the perfect summer workout for those looking to exercise in a more moderate way.

Be Safe

bike riding safety tips

No matter which summer workout you choose, it’s important to be mindful of the outside temperature, your hydration levels, and body ques. If you decide to continue working out outdoors, try doing so in the early morning or late evening hours when the temperature is cooler and the sun isn’t blazing. During these times, it may be dark, so if you’re road running, cycling, or doing any other type of outside activity, be sure to wear safety colors or reflectors to ensure motorists see you. 

It’s always important to hydrate but this is especially true in extreme heat when your body is losing significant amounts of moisture through sweating. And, as always, listen to your body. Don’t push yourself past your limits. Take your workout to the beach, pool or air conditioned space to avoid the summer heat but still achieve that summer body.

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