Ayurvedic treatments for hair loss

The problem of hair loss is very common these days. The polluted environment, water filled with effluents, and imbalanced diet all facilitate the loss of hair. Ayurvedic treatments prove to be quite beneficial in the treatment of hair loss. According to ayurveda, the primary reason for hair fall is the pitta dosha. Stability of mind is also instrumental in maintaining healthy hair. The scientific explanation of all the ayurvedic treatments is that through the usage of herbs and oil massages your hair get proper nutrition required for their strength and growth. The main ayurvedic remedies for hair fall are use of certain herbs like amla, brahmi, yastimadhu, aloe vera, maintaining a balanced and proper diet, oil massage, aromatherapy, and including yoga or exercise in your daily routine. Ayurvedic remedies give quick results but in order to achieve permanent solution, you need a change in your lifestyle. The change in diet should also be permanent. Avoid alcohols or smoking too much and abstain from very oily foods.

For people who are frequently travelling ayurveda suggests that travelling nullifies the vata dosha in our body, which facilitates processes like digestion, respiration, body movements, etc. Thus, the nullification of vata dosha causes disturbances in the balance of the body. Travelling also makes your scalp and hair dirty leading to hair fall. While travelling, you should consume light food and include curd and ginger in your diet. You should clean your hair with a natural shampoo. Carry oil with you and massage your hair before going to bed. Wash it the next day before you start travelling again as oily hair attracts dirt easily. When outside, focus on your diet and drink more of fresh fruit juices. Do exercise and meditate on a regular basis even while travelling so that you are relieved from all the pressures and tensions.

Ayurvedic remedies are not as expensive as the products available in the market, which promise you great results but leave you hair in the worst condition on a long-term basis. Ayurvedic treatments do require investment in good oils and herbs, and yoga and meditation done on a regular basis. This treatment is cost effective and it will definitely give you positive results. The only thing to be kept in mind is that the treatment provides results in reasonable time, so one must have the patience to get a permanent impact.

Hair packs

Make a paste of Indian gooseberry, egg yolks, neem leaves, and castor oil. Mix these properly and make it in a form of a little liquid dough. Apply this paste properly in the scalp especially in the areas or patches of hair loss. This mixture has a very strong power of healing. Application of hair packs which includes good and traditional herbs on a weekly basis helps in providing nutrition to the hair and strengthening the hair from root to tip.

Use of oils

Coconut oil has been used long since centuries to restore the unhealthy and damaged scalp. The usage of the oil provides you the beautiful hair that you had longed for many years. Coconut contains anti-fungal elements, which serve as a disinfectant removing the fungal infested in the scalp. This is also a good remedy to remove dandruff. Coconut oil strengthens the hair from top to bottom and makes it stronger, thereby preventing the hair from becoming weak and eventually falling. Along with coconut oil, there are several other oils like amla, arnica, brahmi and mustard oil, which are equally beneficial for preventing hair loss.

Dietary treatment

As mentioned before, excess of pitta in the body is the major cause of hair fall. You should therefore take precautions to avoid the food or beverages like coffee, tea, meat, etc, which increase the intake of pitta in the system. Oily, spicy, and sour foods should be avoided and you should even abstain from smoking. Some of the basic ayurvedic dietary tips can be consumption of aloe vera juice thrice a day for three months. Consuming yoghurt and white sesame seeds are very effective to limit hair loss. In order to make the roots of your hair strong, ensure your diet gives you enough vitamin B, vitamin C, and sulphur as these nourish your hair and fortify it. To eliminate the toxins formulating in your body, adequate water consumption is necessary.


Reversed positions of asanas like Sarvangasana, commonly referred to as the candle asana because the body is kept in an upright position like the candle, can be very beneficial in the treatment of hair loss. This asana annuls the general rule of the gravity on the body and helps in accelerating the blood flow in the whole body especially in the head. It should be noted that this asana can be dangerous and needs immense precautions and safety before trying, so it is advisable to practice it under the supervision of an experienced yoga teacher. Deep inhaling and exhaling should also be practiced to learn the management of anxiety and stress. Yoga shows slow results but it is beneficial in the long term.


Some of the chief herbs recommended by the ayurvedic treatment for hair loss are bhringaraaja, amla, neem, brahmi, and ritha. Bhringaraaja is the principal element, which promotes hair growth and is very efficacious to bar balding and graying of hair. Bhringaraaja is also converted into Bhringraj oil and serves as a source of splendid rejuvenator. Amla contains vitamin C and makes an excellent hair pack. Neem is a natural relief against dandruff and lice, and it assists in purifying blood. Brahmi, when mixed with curd and applied as hair pack, provides nutrition to the hair and makes them stronger. Ritha when used in a dry and powered state to massage in the scalp helps in cleaning the hair and removes dirt from it without eliminating the natural oils.

Scalp massage

Maintaining a healthy scalp is essential for the normal growth of hair. If your follicles are damaged or extra dry, there are higher chances of dandruff and increase in hair fall. In order to keep a clean and healthy scalp, massaging the scalp is very essential. Scalp massage therefore is one of the component methods of ayurvedic treatment. Massaging scalp also helps in removing the excess of pitta, which is the primary reason for hair loss. Rubbing scalp stimulates hair growth. Rubbing should be done in a vigorous manner especially after bath to produce heat.


Doing proper workouts and exercising is also good to stop hair loss. The physical workouts help to minimize the doshas in the body, which will ultimately result in eliminating the prime cause of hair fall. It helps to balance the nutrients in the body and keeps your body and mind fit. Cardiovascular exercises help to flush out toxins from your body and pump up the flow of blood into the body parts including the scalp.

Use natural shampoo

Using natural and herbal shampoo or soap is advisable as maximum shampoos contain harmful chemicals and effluents, which is not good for the hair. Some shampoos may provide good initial result but damage the hair and make them dry in the long run resulting in hair fall. The chemicals in certain shampoos cause an increase in the pitta and favor hair loss. A herbal shampoo not only strengthens the hair but also makes the texture of your hair good.


Stress and inevitable tension is one of the most common causes for hair loss today. To maintain our inner peace of our mind and soul, it is important to meditate often. It might be quite difficult especially initially to meditate for hours, so as an alternative you can sit in a quiet place away from all the disturbances. Close your eyes and evade out all the thoughts. Try to listen to every sound around you from the point of its inception. Meditation not only helps you to stop hair loss but when continued and practiced religiously, it will turn out to serve as an anti-depressant too. The results achieved will be slow and gradual but will be great.

Bowel movement

Observe a regular bowel movement. Constipation should not be allowed to continue and effective measures should be taken to avoid it as much as possible. There are many laxatives available, which are mild and may be taken before bed to keep a check in the regularity of bowel movement. Preserving a timely bowel movement keeps the blood clean and also helps in removing the toxins from your body.

Tectona grandis

It is one of the common ingredients for most of the ayurvedic hair loss treatments. The plant chemicals present in the seed of Tectona grandis facilitates in the growth of hair follicles. This also assists in the fast growth of hair and helps in making the roots of the hair stronger.

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