Facial exercises for younger looking, toned complexion

Facial exercises are based on reflexology, that is exerting pressure on specific muscles that form age lines because of loosing elasticity. The lines on the forehead, above and below the brows, around the eyes, cheeks, jowls, chin and lips disappear after a few weeks when done regularly. All you need are your fingers to exert pressure on the muscles of the face.


Forehead lines giving a frowning look, lines at the corner of the eyes, deep lines from the nose to the corners of the mouth, sagging cheeks, double chin and lines around lips are common. Work on all the facial muscles daily for 10 minutes. Most facial exercises can be performed anywhere. So set aside a time for doing them such as at the traffic signal you encounter everyday while you drive, or while working on the computer etc. For best results, dab a wet tissue, drink a glass of water and massage your face lightly before you start.

Exercises for hanging jowls

Muscles under the jawline become less elastic and make baggy jowls which hang down. For this you need to extend your lower jaw. Place three fingertips on the chin and try to push the jaw backwards, at the same time exerting an opposing force resisting it. Now move your lower jaw to the left, keep your fingertips on the right side of the chin and exert the same pressure. Alternate the position and move your lower jaw to the right, keeping your fingertips on the left while attempting to push them. Do this as many times as you can.

Another exercise is to look up at the ceiling and make the movement of chewing without bending the head, for about 20 seconds. These two exercises firm up the muscles under the jaw and chin.

Cheek and chin exercises

Cheeks hanging down not only make you look older, but also dull and depressed. Thirty-two fine muscles are worked up when you smile. So smile more often and keep those smile muscles toned. An amazing exercise for cheeks is to grab as much as the cheek muscles under the eyes with your thumb and index finger and to then lift it up towards the eyes. Hold for a few seconds and then relax. Do this exercise on alternate days. Another exercise is to place the three middle fingers at the peak of your cheeks and then open your mouth. Hold for 10 seconds and do the exercise 6 times for each cheek.

Of all the exercises for a double chin, the following one is most effective. It can be done anywhere, working or while at the computer. Keep the muscles around the mouth relaxed. With the lips close, curl the tongue to touch the back of the throat as far as it can go. Hold this position for 30 secs and repeat it 10 times. You will feel the muscle under the chin go. Smooth the skin down from the chin to the base of the neck. It hardly takes a few minutes and can be done very easily everyday. Do it twice everyday for best results.

Naslobial lift

The other deep line that mars the face is the one that runs down from the nose to the corner of the mouth. To get rid of them, sit on a stool facing the mirror and mark this line with an eyebrow pencil initially to identify the exact muscle. Lift the muscle from the four parts of the line in the direction of the arrows. Do them one at a time spending a few minutes on each of them. Concentrate on one point and exercise it till the line fades. For some it happens in one session, for others it might take days or weeks depending on the slackness of the muscle.

Exercise for brow lines

Brow lines are deeper and span the whole forehead. These lines form at any age because of the facial expressions. To erase these lines, spread your fingers across the deepest line and lift the skin gently up towards the hairline as far above as you can. Now lower your brows and close your eyes tightly. Keep them closed to the count of six and bring the skin back to normal. Repeat the exercise ten times. You can increase the frequency till you achieve noticeable results. Use cotton gloves to get a firm grip on the skin.

Getting rid of crow’s feet

The skin around the eyes is thin and tender, so lines may form even in youngsters. These lines form in the outer corner of the eyes. Cigarette smoke and dry skin aggravate this condition. Squinting is another factor that makes these lines appear. Use sunscreen lotions and moisturizers to keep the skin hydrated and protected from sunlight. A simple exercise is to pull the skin at the corner of your eyes slightly with your index finger on the sides of the forehead and quickly open and shut your eyes about 30 times. It may make your finger move towards the forehead but that does not matter as it puts pressure on the orbicularis occuli or the muscle around the eyes.

Lip lines going, going, gone

Lines form around the lips when the lip muscles sag. This is awful for women as it makes lipstick run down their lips in rivers. Smoking aggravates these lines. So the first thing to do is to stop smoking. Then work on the muscles. These muscles called orbicularis oris can be strengthened with exercises. Fold lips under the teeth and bite them gently. With the lips tucked, move them sideways to the right and left like blotting lipstick. The lines disappear gradually. Don’t bite too hard to injure the skin but hard enough to exert enough pressure to cause mild discomfort.

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