An Organised Tidy Home is Connected to Mental Wellbeing – Here’s Why

An Organised Tidy Home is Connected to Mental Wellbeing – Here’s Why

Have you ever heard the expression uttered that ‘a tidy room is a tidy mind’? Well, there is lots of research to suggest that this is a true statement, and having a clean and tidy home is linked to healthy mental health and wellbeing. Here we go a little further and look into a few ways that having an organised tidy home is connected to positive mental wellbeing. Carry on reading to discover more.

1.    Elevated concentration levels

An important aspect of maintaining positive mental wellbeing is your ability to focus and not become distracted. It is hard to have a positive outlook on life when your mind is in a whirlwind and you can’t see things clearly. Research by Princeton University shows that clutter and household mess greatly lower our ability to focus on a task, which is all the most crucial if you work from home in a home office, as many of us do now. So, clutter could also have a knock-on negative impact on your performance at work.

2.    An orderly house helps to make you feel more stable

Human beings crave stability and familiarity, and getting into daily routines such as cleaning and arranging your household possessions and furniture nicely can help to enhance these feelings. Of course, this is not to say that you have to go over the top and get overly obsessive about home cleanliness, but having continuity in life can help you feel more well-grounded and content with life.

3.    Releasing those endorphins

Endorphins are stored and produced in the brain, and they are released when you have increased feelings of pleasure and wellbeing. The act of cleaning can be highly satisfying, and hence cleaning your home can indeed lead to the release of endorphins, and these happy chemicals will lift your mood in no time.

4.    Helping you feel nicely in control of your home environment

We all feel more positive when we are comfortable and in control of our home living space. Cleaning your home regularly and keeping on top of things will enable you to assert control over the immediate surroundings of your home environment. Some things in life you can’t control, such as the weather, but you can control how tidy your home is.

5.    Getting your storage right will help to keep the place organised

In-built wardrobes, draw dividers, bespoke fitted shelving, hanging wall baskets, under bed storage, plastic storage containers are all examples of how you can keep your home clear and ward off the dreaded floordrobe situation taking ahold in your home.

However, it may get to a point where you realise you simply don’t have the storage space you need, and a great solution when you arrive at this point is to hire a self storage unit at a trusted facility. Take a look at Now Storage, a secure self storage provider with over 15 sites that many households and businesses rely on year in, year out to resolve their storage dilemmas.

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