Abdominoplasty – Just the right process to remove stubborn belly fat

Every person who has tried to lose weight and cut down on the fat cells in their body has had this experience. Even the athletes who are well known for their regular exercises and maintaining a balanced and symmetric physique as well have the same issue lurking at the abdominal area. If this is the case with athletes, one can imagine the difficulty others might feel and undergo in losing the stubborn fat in the abdominal area.


There are many kinds of exercises right from aerobics to yoga and Pilates but the fat here does not seem to budge and a medical intervention is what is recommended. The abdominal fat gets deposited due to different reasons for both the genders. When a woman gives birth to a baby, her whole system changes its shape and the abdominal area is no different and in the case of men, an idle lifestyle or a laid back type of job can add the fat tissue to the abdominal area.

The number of exercises that the personal trainers recommend is very different such as a bridge formation, lifting the legs together and many others but they all have their limitations.

The procedure

The procedure under discussion here is called as the abdominoplasty  which is the technical term for a tummy tuck. The entire procedure, carried out under the careful watch of the surgeon, takes out all the fat cells from around the area where they were lurking around for a very long time. The procedure is done under anesthesia and the fat cells are disintegrated by the spiking of saline solution which loosens the fat cells for draining them out with medical instruments. The procedure also involves the tucking in of excessive skin which is cut off to bring it into shape. The pictures taken before and after the surgery are evidences for the effectiveness of the procedure which shows that the whole area of the abdominal region is totally tucked in without any sign of the existence of fat on the past.

Free consultation

You can contact the doctors for all your cosmetic consultation and to know about procedures that will suit your present condition. They give you free consultation for all your queries and after examination; they will recommend the procedure and fix an appointment for the surgery. They are available online as well for free advice on all matters relating to the fat removal. If you are looking forward to undergo a surgical procedure after having tried all types of exercises, and found that it does not budge, the right place for you to go is the kleinman plastic surgery clinic for cosmetic procedures. The clinic is located at Westchester in the city of New York.

After the surgery

Low angle view of surgeon holding gloved hands up

After the surgical procedure is complete, the recovery process begins which can last for a while until sutures are healed. The recovery process involves supportive garment which the person has to wear. The patient can expect a little discomfort which will go away after a while and everything will start to become normal. Then comes the moment you have been waiting for – that is to become the person that you want to become. 

It is fast!

The patients who have undergone the abdominoplasty surgical procedure return to work within a short duration of time after the procedure. In just four to five weeks, you will recover completely from the procedure and it would seem as though you were never away from work.

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