9 Tips to Help You Better Train Your Brain

To keep your body fit you need some exercises; similarly, your mind also needs some exercises for proper functioning. From childhood, we have heard that if we do exercises of our brain regularly it gets sharpened. There are different reasons for being a physically fit or active person.

The human brain works like a computer when there are different windows, like stress, happiness, ideas, and emotions. It is the most important and composed organ in our body. Mood, memory, and concentration are the functions of the brain. You may feel the mental decline due to numerous responsibilities and feel frazzled, forgetful, unfocused, or even unable to justify your performance.

Why does brain needs exercises?

Brain exercise helps to retain memory and develops the thinking capacity through direct and indirect means. You can get the benefits of brain exercise directly due to its capacity by reducing the insulin resistance, which can decrease inflammation, and at the same time, it can stimulate the releasing of the growth factors. Start brain exercise with full knowledge of its effect

You should start brain exercise, but remember it should have the knowledge of best brain exercise. You should know how much exercise you are required for the improvement of your memory. You can start with brisk walking for one hour, twice a week. This means you are walking 120 minutes and doing moderate intensity exercise in a week.

How to train the brain?

As such there are various exercises to train the brain; it is required to set the mood for any exercise before starting anything. You should do the exercise in a lonely place of the house. You can sit on the floor with cross-legged or you can sit on a chair, but your spinal cord should be straight. Take a deep breath and then calm down the body to direct your attention to it. There are nine types of brain exercise that will help you to train your brain.

  • Switch Hands

These exercises are meant for the right handed people. They should try to use their left hand while doing the works like eating, brushing, or while using a computer mouse. Remember you have to use the non-dominant hand that will give the result to increase your brain activity.

  • Use chopsticks while eating

Using chopstick while eating will force you to be mindful and this is a good exercise for the brain. It also helps in digestion and consumption of calorie. If you are right handed then you should try it with the left hand.

  • Do work with your eyes closed

Do work with your eyes closed

When you are doing household works, prefer doing it with your eyes closed. Remember while you are taking a bath, or washing your hair, or even while you are at a laundry work, you must try to do it with your closed eyes. This is helpful for your brain because it uses a new neural pathway.

  • Do things upside down or backward

In this method, you have to stimulate your brain by looking at things upside down. You can start it with your watch. How? Simply, you just wear your watch upside down.

  • Read your books with a loud voice

Read your books with a loud voice

You should read a book with your friend loudly or you can listen to the audio books. This will help you to imagine in a different way. This imagination method shows three regions of the brain and these are reading, speaking, and hearing.

  • Take a new route

When you follow the same routine, your brain gets little stimulation as it becomes an autopilot so it can move to its routine path. But when you take an unfamiliar route it activates the cortex and hippocampus. While walking, or riding public transport you can take a new route.

  • Use all your senses simultaneously

You should try to engage all your senses simultaneously. While you are travelling or gardening or even shopping at the farmer’s market, you can, touch, look, sniff, and taste the production. Your farmer can provide you additional brain stimulation.

  • Put a challenge to yourself

When you are learning something new you are stimulating your brain activities, but when you become an expert, your brain stops exercising. Then, what should you do? You should continue to stimulate your brain by giving new challenges and by not keeping it in the comfort zone. Give a challenge to yourself to the next level of difficulty or learn a related skill.

  • Stop relying on technology

Stop relying on technology

You must use your brain instead of using the Smartphone for a mental skill like maths or spelling. You can memorize phone numbers and can read a map and find your way around.

Thus, if you really want to increase the power of your brain, then you need to exercise your brain as much as you can then only you can come out from the shortcomings of the brain.

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