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9 Postnatal tips a mother should remember

by DrPrem Jagyasi

After 9 months of wait, the little angel has finally arrived to make your world complete and start a new chapter of motherhood. But the journey of becoming a mommy is not so easy especially during the first year when as a mother you might face a lot many changes and challenges that might lead to the new role of being a mom. This is the time when for you every day will be a new day that will teach you new things about your baby. But once the delivery is done, there are something’s that you need to know. Take a look at some important pointers that you can take as preventive measures.

Postpartum depression can make you a Victim:

changes in appetite

This type of depression if left untreated can take a serious turn but it should not last more than the baby blues. Some of the common signs that a woman facing this problem are mood swings, resentment, feelings of isolation, changes in appetite, anxiety, sleep disturbances, lower sex drive, and memory loss are to name a few. The exact cause of such problem is still unknown but it is claimed that hormonal changes, marital strife, stress, and the family history of mental illness can be some of the possible reasons for postpartum depression

Know more about recovering from Childbirth:

There are some of the uncommon symptoms that you are likely to notice when you are at the stage of getting recovered after the painful labour and childbirth such as tender virginal area, Bloody vaginal discharge, painful contractions, breast engorgement, and soreness to name a few. Of course, it is your health care advisor who can help in the proper healing process but beyond that, there are some tips that you as a mother should follow and which are highly recommended.

Your doctor is Just a call away:

suffering from fever

If you find any kind of weakness or extreme pain to the sensitive areas then do not ignore. Taking immediate action is a must and that is why for any experience like dizziness, shivering, fever, or discomfort you must consult your doctor immediately especially if you had undergone C-section.

You should not ignore your diet plan:

When you deliver a baby you lose most of your energy. To regain your healthy energy back it is important that you nourish your body with a healthy diet. Supply your body with much natural vitamins and minerals as possible and for this, a proper balance and a healthy diet can be your best source. Exercising immediately won’t help but if you maintain the balance of a good diet and nutrition it can show you good results.

Rest is the most important thing:

during pregnancy

Although your family might have told you in those 9 months to take as much rest as possible but for quick recovery postnatal, you need to make sure that you give your body as much rest as possible. It is obvious for you to feel exhausted after childbirth and that is why to try delegating household work to someone else and sleep when your baby sleeps.

Perform healthy activities:

As said earlier postpartum depression can cause many problems. That is why; try to keep yourself active and happy. During pregnancy, those extra calories might have been a need for your kid but once the baby is out you need to burn it and for this go for a short walk with your baby, do not work for at least next six months and perform some low intensity and breathing exercising.


Keep yourself Hydrated:

drinking water

Your body needs maximum water to stay hydrated and healthy. That is, why drink lots of water especially if you have become a mommy in the summer season. It is important that you drink healthy juices of watermelon and orange which are also the good sources of water.

Follow hygienic conditions:

A newborn baby and a mother both are prone to infections which can slow down to the healing process of the mommy. That is, why, it is important to pay extra attention to maintaining a good hygienic condition and make sure that after every breastfeeding, you rinse your breast well as a part of extra precaution. Assess the Pregnancy history:

It is done during the postpartum visit to know if there can be any issue for the baby to bond with the mother. This allows the mommy to well relate her labor and birth experiences. Somehow it has a strong impact on baby and mother’s relationship.

Prepare yourself for breast swelling:

To deal with this problem it is important that you apply as many as cold packs as you can to relieve the breast swelling. You can also use warm compresses to make sure that milk stimulation is controlled. If you don’t want to breastfeed then bind your breast for many days to make sure ease engorgement happens.

A warm bath can be relaxing:

This is applicable mostly for women who have undergone C-section. When you were given stitches, as a part of healing you need to take a shallow bath at least twice a day. This helps to pace up the healing process and ease down the soreness.

So, above mentioned are some of the easy steps that you should follow post pregnancy to lead a proper and a healthy life.