9 Strategies to prevent the occurrence of diabetes in your child

If there is one disease World Health Organisation is worried about after cancer, it is definitely diabetes. The prevalence of this disease among children is one big question everyone is trying to solve. In the process to solve it, WHO has recommended best practices to control the spread of this disease – prevention. By following simple guidelines like eating the right kind of food, avoiding junk food, exercise, control over stress, doing meditation and things like one can really cut down the chances of having this disease. However, one must understand that all these methods and actions are ongoing life-on processes which cannot be stopped at any point of time. And so, as these yield benefits for life-time one should encourage these practices in their children as well as themselves.


This is one of the best proven methods to prevent diabetes. It is one thing which not only cuts down the chances of diabetes in children but also people of all age. One can either learn exercise at home or join a group to master these helpful methods. In fact there are specific exercises for diabetes, but, even the most basic exercises, if done on daily basis can prevent this disease. Another form of exercise is yoga. This ancient Indian method of cutting down this and other diseases is just the perfect way for a healthy life. But it is important o learn yoga from a master as some exercises can do harm rather than good – especially in case if your child is suffering from some other disease.


Food is the basic thing for sustaining life; but it is also one of the main factors which can trigger diabetes. It is more prominent in children with a family history. Of course, years of research has concluded that children below 10 years do not generally inherit this disease regardless of the country and culture they live in. But, after 10 years of age, the chances of having diabetes increases. Therefore, it is insisted that such children limit the intake of high sugar foods like cakes and chocolates and increase the intake of high fiber food like oats, cornflakes and wheat products.

Limit breast feeding

It is recommended that those with a family history of diabetes be less breast-fed. After a research done on Caucasian population, it was found that children who have been exclusively breast – fed had higher chances of catching this disease. Therefore cow’s milk is more recommended for these children. This method is recommended for al l the 3 years of breast – feeding. Cows’ milk can be taken as per child’s requirement which does not have any side effects. There is nothing as overeating in case if milk, it can be taken as and when required. However, one must add little water to make the water light as after 2 years of age, more than 500ml /day may cause constipation in some children.

Control your child’s weight

A long term association has been proven between obesity in children and diabetes. Kids who are overweight have higher chances of developing this disease. The causative factor is lethargy which comes due to more weight than normal. Therefore, it is recommended that children play a lot of outdoor games and eat foods to curb down the weight. The best way to curb down the weight is fewer intakes of junk food like instant noodles, ice creams, chocolates and even sweets. However, moderate amount of these, like once or twice in a month, is considered okay.

Less television

With technology becoming an integral part of our lives, it is really very tough to keep children away from things like play-station, television and computer. However, we can cut down the use of these. One must make a schedule for kids so that take part in outer activities more and have less time for these gadgets. As such there is no harm in doing in house activities but then these may lead to long hours of sitting, less activity and then obesity; which is an ingredient of diabetes. That means, more active your child will be, lesser the chances will be that he catch up this disease. So, make him/her run more and sit less.

Be a vegetarain

If possible make your child a vegetarian. Various studies have shown that a good vegetarian diet can really be helpful in curbing down the chances of diabetes. Diet which includes vegetables like broccoli, corn, soya, beans, tofu and fresh fruits like apple, lemonade, pomegranate, watermelon are best suited. That simply means add on more pulses, grains, soups, fresh juices and a good quantity of carbohydrates. A healthy food lifestyle with small servings is the most appropriate way of saving your child from this disease. And of course there are no side effects of this kind of diet until and unless the child has some medical case. If your child is suffering from a major health problem like thyroid, then only you need to cut down on certain foods; otherwise a good diet plan is sufficient to keep this disease at bay.

Keep stress levels down

Just like adults, children do have stress. It might sound strange for some, but this is as true as can be. Children have small stress issues like grades in school, fight with friends, good looking toys of other children, hormonal changes and so on. As a parent, both mother and father should try to resolve these problems with care and patience. Lower stress in children makes way for a healthy child and less chances of any kind of disease. And that goes for a simple smile, a hearty laugh and low stress – a deadly combination to keep this disease out of heart, body and mind!

Look for signs

If one genetically inherits diabetes, then one must keep a check on various signs which indicate onset of this disease. Signs like skin around neck and armpits becoming dark, constant high blood pressure, unusual thirst and frequent urination. In girls lower abdomen ache indicating ploycystic ovary syndrome in addition to above symptoms can indicative of this disease. If any of these indications are found in kids, then one must go for initial diagnosis. After all being pro-active always helps.

Maturity onset diabetes of the young (MODY)

This is one kind of diabetes which does not have a direct way of prevention. The reason is that its genetically inflicted. It generally triggers in youngsters before the age of 25 years. It is caused when one of six genes goes defective causing production of faulty insulin. The indicators are absence of ketosis and autosomal dominant inheritance. Generally one cannot do anything about it, still all the steps described before can be really helpful in cutting down the chances of gene defect. It should be very well understood here that good diet, simple exercise and a happy life does not have any kind of side effect, which if maintained is always good for oneself.

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