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7 Health Related Challenges You Must be Cautious About

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Health Related Challenges

Due to the lifestyle of human beings nowadays, they are at risk of contracting diseases more than they were a few decades ago. Unhealthy diets, alcohol consumption, malnutrition, drug abuse, and stress are a few examples of unhealthy lifestyles. As our lives get busier and busier, we hardly find any time to focus on our health, and that is very harmful to our bodies and overall health in the long run. However, that does not infer that we cannot adjust our lifestyles by making tweaks to our daily diet and incorporating an exercise regimen to it.

As human beings, we got to do whatever it takes to keep our bodies fit and healthy. As we are here to help you out in this department, there is nothing to bother. Today, we will share seven health-related issues that you should prepare yourself for and how to avoid them. After all, we are human beings, and we must impart our knowledge to others to ensure that you live a long and prosperous life.


heart diseaseHeart diseases are a human being’s worst enemy. They can strike without prior notice. Some examples of heart diseases include heart failures and angina and can cause almost immediately. According to a study, heart disease kills more people than all types of cancer s combined. Some common causes of heart diseases include smoking, unhealthy diets, and a lack of physical exercise. Some cardiologists believe that heart disease can also lead to other health-related issues such as diabetes, stress, and hypertension, which can add more fuel to the already burning fire.

To avoid succumbing to such heart diseases, you must take preventative measures such as avoiding smoking, eating a healthy low-fat diet, and introducing physical exercise into your daily routine. Regular health checkups are a must to help minimize the risk of contracting heart disease. As treatments for a heart condition can be expensive, make sure that you also sign up for an affordable health insurance plan to avoid paying out of your pocket.


Obesity is the top cause of diseases nowadays. Individuals having a body mass index(BMI) of, or greater than 30 are usually obese. Being obese means that you put a lot of unwanted stress on your body, which can take a toll on your bone joints. It can also negatively impact your cardiovascular system, increasing the risk of contracting heart diseases. Moreover, obesity can also cause type 2 diabetes, hernia, and sleep apnea.

The practice to avoid obesity is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid fatty foods, and exercise at least five days a week for thirty minutes. If you are someone who is already obese, then a weight-loss surgery is your best option.


Know-About-GERDIt is a type of reflux issue which allows food to travel back to the throat after consumption. This acid reflux can cause damage to the stomach and throat tissue. Other problems it can cause include heartburn, chest pain, increased phlegm, and hoarseness. However, there are preventive measures you can take to avoid it or fix it if you already suffer from it.

Have small meals instead of large ones. Also, find foods that trigger acid reflux. Acidic fruits such as lemon, oranges, tomatoes, fatty, and deep-fried are common causes of GERD amongst human beings. If you consume alcohol regularly, cut it down by at least half. You can also visit your doctor to get prescription medicine to calm your stomach down.


Cancer remains a fatal disease for human beings everywhere. And the number of cancer-related deaths continue to rise due to deteriorating environmental conditions and lifestyle choices. Bad lifestyle choices such as drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and obesity are a few progenitors of cancer. While cancers can appear out of nowhere, there are still a few preventative measures to lower the risk of it occurring inside your body.

Visiting the doctor for cancer screening, regular exercise, avoiding smoking and tobacco, and a healthy diet will allow any human being to stay away from various cancers.


InfluenzaWhile human beings have the immunity to fight against the common cold on their own, individuals such as pregnant women, aged people, people who have diabetes, and obese people have a higher risk of developing pneumonia, which can be fatal to them. Preemptive vaccinations, washing your hands every thirty minutes, and wearing masks in public places are a few preventative measures for influenza.

Although some people consider the flu to be something that needs little attention, according to the World Health Organization, the swine flu was the deadliest type of influenza recorded in the last four decades. It killed thousands of people worldwide, especially in under-developed countries, where people did not care about personal hygiene.


The specific purpose of a human being’s kidney is to filter their blood. Usually measured in GFR, a healthy person has a 125ml/min value, which means 125 milliliters of blood per minute. If the GFR value decreases below 125ml/ min, it means that the person will likely suffer from renal failure. Causes of renal failure include loss of blood, dehydration, and obstruction in the urinary tract.

Preventative measures include drinking lots of water, low protein intake, reducing salt intake, and maintaining healthy body weight through diet and exercise. People suffering from acute kidney failure have no other choice but to go through blood dialysis or get a kidney transplant.


STROKEA stroke is a health condition caused by the inadequate blood supply to the brain, resulting in blocked arteries or hemorrhaging, leading to brain death. Individuals suffering from obesity, lack of exercise, diabetes, and hypertension are at the highest risk of suffering a stroke. Genetics can sometimes also play a crucial role in this health condition.

The most effective way of avoiding a stroke is to maintain a healthy diet and pair it with an effective workout plan. More exercise will help better blood circulation through your brain. Also, avoid eating fatty foods, which can cause blockages in the blood vessels and arteries.


It is an unsurprising fact that the causes of death can vary from disease to disease. We must recognize and educate ourselves with the common health problems people suffer from around the world and take preventative measures accordingly. While avoiding health issues that lead to death is essential, they are not the only ones we have to tackle. Human beings should maintain a healthy lifestyle matter the most above all else. Put your health first and everything else second. As when you have your health, only then will you be able to do things that give your life purpose. We hope that you consider our advice.

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